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Liv Morgan making an entrance. Image Credits: wwe.com

Why does Liv Morgan's former partner need to be wary about WWE star's return? Exploring all possibilities

WWE Diva Raquel Rodriguez was a victim of ill fate when she had to relinquish her Women's Tag Team Championship due to an injury to her partner Liv Morgan. While losing the title is a matter of worry for Rodriguez, the Diva has more to be tensed about.

The cause of this worry for Raquel Rodriguez is none other than her former partner Aliyah. Sidelined due to an injury since September 2022, Aliyah in her last match partnered with Rodriguez to defend their tag titles against Dakota Kai and Ivo Sky. However, that match ended in a loss for Aliyah and Rodriguez.


Since then, Aliyah was sidelined due to her injury, whereas Rodriguez moved on to win the Women's Tag Team Championship with Liv Morgan. This move by Raquel is something that must have not sat too well with Aliyah. In some form, the Canadian might think of this as a betrayal by Rodriguez.

And now with Aliyah all set to return after her 200+ days hiatus, revenge is something that will be on her mind. It won't be surprising to see Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez indulge in a feud that might go on for quite some time.


Aliyah will also look to fulfil an unaccomplished dream on her return to the WWE


Every wrestler in the industry starts out with a dream they want to achieve. While some go on to live the life they want, others have to simply wait for a chance. Aliyah's career in wrestling is no different. While she has been in the wrestling business, there is one dream that is yet to be fulfilled for the Canadian.

Since making her debut in 2015, Aliyah has fought some great names in the business. In fact, her initial run in NXT was nothing short of amazing. Realizing the immense talent inside her, the Canadian was picked by SmackDown in the 2021 draft.

Following this pick, Aliyah got to compete in the Women's Royal Rumble match. This was a dream that the 28-year-old tick marked. However, another dream she will look to achieve is that of competing in Saudi Arabia. In 2022, Elimination Chamber took place in Saudi, and Aliyah seemed all excited to compete. She said:

"We're heading to Saudi for Elimination Chamber, and no matches have really been announced," Aliyah said. "It would be an honor to be the first-ever Arab female superstar to perform in the Middle East. That's always been a huge goal of mine."

However, fate had it otherwise for Aliyah. Due to an injury, the 28-year-old was unable to compete in Saudi Arabia. But considering that she is now fit for a return, Aliyah's dream of competing in Saudi may very well become a reality.

Aliyah has the potential to become a big name in WWE

Despite falling off the track after a successful first run, Aliyah managed to adjust to reality and showed a lot of improvement. Even on the main roster, since her very debut, the Canadian went on to show a lot of promise. Teaming with big names like Naomi and Sasha Banks on her debut, Aliyah impressed fans with her skills.

The Canadian's performance was further rewarded by the WWE when she became the record holder for the fastest win in WWE history. Aliyah beat Natalya in 3.17 seconds to lay claim to this historic record. Even after that, winning the tag titles was only proof of the belief WWE had in her.


Now as she inches closer to a return, Aliyah will have a lot to work for. While she has already tasted success in Tag Team competitions, this time around, the 28-year-old will look to challenge for a single's title.

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