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Major events happened with The Bloodline on the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown

Why did Solo Sikoa betray Jimmy Uso on WWE SmackDown? 5 possible reasons 

WWE's angle with The Bloodline is cinema. At least, that's what most fans seem to think on social media. Given the increase in the company's popularity and in various business metrics over the past year or so, it may very well be true.

There was a lot of drama with the faction led by Roman Reigns as of late, with it seemingly peaking at Night of Champions. It was then that Jimmy Uso, tired of Roman's disrespect, shockingly Superkicked the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion two times.


The Usos then interrupted Roman's special ceremony on Friday Night SmackDown. When things got heated, they tried to convince Roman to act better and to fix the group. Roman feigned that he would, only to kick Jimmy out of the group. In doing so, Solo, who was seemingly on his brothers' side, proceeded to betray Jimmy and hit him with a vicious Spike.

Fans were shocked to see a brother turn on his own sibling and now have questions. The biggest question, of course, is why? Why would Solo stab his own brother in the back? This article will look at a handful of possible reasons.

Below are five possible reasons why Solo Sikoa betrayed Jimmy Uso on WWE SmackDown.


#5. Money is a major motivator


Jimmy @WWEUsos said he did what he did at #WWENOC to protect his family.

@WWERomanReigns @WWESoloSikoa


To paraphrase the great Ted Dibiase: everybody's got a price. While WWE fans love to imagine that the superstars are in it for the glory and the love of the game, the truth is, many want money. Money does make the world go round, after all.

Solo Sikoa spent a lot of time on his own and if he lived in the streets, he likely didn't have much money. It would make sense that he never wants to go back to living that way. More importantly, he's driven to never be like that again no matter the cost.

If Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman offered Solo Sikoa a pretty penny to betray his brothers, he likely would have done it in a heartbeat. To some people, money and comfort comes above all else, even family.


#4. Paul Heyman could have manipulated Solo Sikoa

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is one of the greatest talkers of all time. The former WWE General Manager and former ECW head has managed some of the best wrestlers of all time, but he's also known for his artful manipulation.

Not only can he masterfully tell a story on the microphone, but he can lie and manipulate others in ways that somehow end up with people laughing along with him, as if he's a funny swindler and liar.

While many have looked back at his antics fondly, make no mistake about it, Paul can be a vile human being. He has done awful things in and out of WWE and there's a good chance that he has been manipulating Solo Sikoa for almost a year now, preparing him for this very day. Perhaps it was Heyman who got into Solo's head and convinced him to betray Jimmy.

#3. WWE has touched on The Usos and Solo Sikoa's strained relationship in the past

The Usos at Crown Jewel 2022

While WWE fans see Solo Sikoa and The Usos as a somewhat happy family, at least when Roman Reigns isn't around, the truth may not exactly be as cherry. In fact, even prior to this assault, there have been a lot of issues between the family.


Solo had been seemingly ready to take them out on a few occasions in the past. While it may appear he's doing it simply because Roman requests it, their issues go deeper. There's a reason why Solo Sikoa is called The Street Champion.

WWE has explained that Solo was abandoned by his family. While The Usos and Roman Reigns found success in the company and other family members were together, Sikoa was always on his own. That made him grow bitter and angry. His bitterness could have been the true reason for his betrayal.

#2. Roman Reigns is the king of gaslighting his family

NO. WAY. 🫢

@WWESoloSikoa just attacked his own brothers, The @WWEUsos, and has chosen to stand with The Tribal Chief @WWERomanReigns!


Roman Reigns isn't exactly the kindest person in the world. His treatment of The Usos and even Paul Heyman is well-documented. While he'll yell at them and intimidate them, an oftentimes overlooked aspect of their dynamic is when he's kinder.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is a gaslighter. He will lie and manipulate his way into getting what he wants. He did it to both Jimmy and especially Jey Uso in the past, guilt tripping them into getting exactly what he needs and desires, without a care about their feelings.

There's no doubt that Roman has been doing the same thing to Solo. While much of their conversations have been behind shut doors, he's likely been telling Solo both that he's the only one who cares for youngest Samoan and that his brothers abandoned him. He knows how to toy with people as if they're puppets on a string.

#1. It could be a plan to get at Roman himself

Solo Sikoa on SmackDown

Solo Sikoa betrayed his brother with a vicious Samoan Spike on WWE SmackDown. There is no denying that it happened and there's no way to pretend that it didn't happen for the sake of story. Still, that doesn't mean he's necessarily loyal to Roman Reigns.


As noted, Solo was cast off and pushed aside by the family in the past, which is what made him The Street Champion. While that did include The Usos, Roman could certainly be somebody he has issues with, as well.

There's a chance Solo is staying close to Roman Reigns in the hopes of one day stabbing The Tribal Chief in the back. In doing so, he could potentially be setting himself up for a chance to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Do you think Solo Sikoa will turn on Roman Reigns in future? Sound off in the comment section below.

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