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The Rock's tattoo became more iconic

Why did The Rock upgrade his Brahma Bull tattoo?

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has an iconic tattoo on his entire right upper arm. Much like his acting career, it has upgraded significantly and has beautiful hidden meanings behind it.

The Rock's tattoo is that of a Brahma Bull. It is a symbol of "strength, resilience, heart, power, and defiance to many people around the world.” Johnson incorporated the bull into his WWE gimmick, giving him a distinct personality as well as a fearsome nickname.


Inked in 1997/98 in Chicago, the Brahma Bull was tweaked into something more meaningful for Dwayne Johnson. He always wanted the image to reflect every detail of his own personal history, as written on his Instagram post. The cracks, the scars, and the wrinkles signify his struggle - be it in wrestling, acting, or in life.

Johnson consulted with tattoo artists Yomico Moreno and Nikko Hurtado to help his dreams take shape. It took several designs and conversations to incorporate all of Dwayne's ideas. The former WWE Champion wanted a depiction of the light, the dark, and the energy of the universe.

It required 22 hours of work and over three sessions for the Brahma Bull to completely transform. The ink covered the original Brahma Bull, but the details on the image and the meanings highlighted some stunning work.


Before the adjustments, The People's Champion covered his tattoo whenever he arrived at WWE. The original Brahma Bull was an integral part of his wrestling character. It remains to be seen whether The Rock will return to the ring at some point in time or not.


The metaphoric meaning of the ocean surrounding The Rock's tattoo

Dwayne Johnson wanted a base for his tattoo. He brainstormed with the tattoo artist to finally realize the "anchor" for the Brahma Bull - the ocean.


Life, death and perpetual mana (spiritual energy) supported by the infinite and perpetual ocean is what inspired The Rock's tattoo. He revealed more on the latter during a 'My Tattoo Story' Youtube session.

The Rock's tattoo became more iconic
"I got up every morning and spent time looking at the ocean. The waves are powerful, they are perpetual. And, that’s when it inspired me that’s what the tattoo needed. It needed the anchoring element that was really going to give it that power and that protection." (H/T EssentiallySports)

Dwayne Johnson's latest film Black Adam has been a huge hit at the box office. He nailed the role of the protagonist, an anti-hero, and has some exciting projects coming up next year.

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