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Rhea Ripley reveals her looking tall is not related to her height

Why does WWE star Rhea Ripley look so tall?

Rhea Ripley is one of the most notable and top stars in WWE as of today, and her looking tall is just one of the added factors to her popularity. However, it looks like she has something different to say regarding this topic.

The Judgment Day member was one of the competitors for the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament. Although she lost the contest, she continued appearing on NXT television, but her new look the following year gained her a lot of popularity.


The dark and heelish look remained on The Eradicator until her move to NXT UK and the main roster. Aside from piercings, dark clothing, and tattoos, her intimidating persona was also credited to how tall she looked. As it turns out, the RAW star's height isn't exactly that towering compared to others.

In an interview with Fightful, Rhea Ripley stated that she only looked tall on television because of how she presented herself. She even added that when she moved to the States, her height of 5'7 was added:

"I think I just look tall on TV because I present myself as tall. Like, right now I know I’m slouched and I’m just chill. But when I’m on TV, I’m confident. I’ll stand up tall(...)I think I was 5’7 when I moved here. I think now I’m like 5’8 and a half. I’m honestly not that tall."


Despite her height, Rhea Ripley dominates both men and women in WWE

The Judgment Day has become one of the fan-favorite stables in WWE, and it was mostly because of how the presentation of the group changed over time. The recent "arrest" of Dominik Mysterio and his relationship with Rhea Ripley also helped a lot. However, the Eradicator is still known not to be messed with.

In an October 2022 episode of RAW, Finn Balor of The Judgment Day faced Karl Anderson of The O.C. At ringside were their stablemates, and it didn't take long for chaos to ensue between the two groups.

However, one of the most talked about moments of the night was when Rhea Ripley lifted the 290lb Luke Gallows and delivered a flawless power slam. This was not the only encounter Rhea had with the men's division of the company.


Akira Tozawa was the unfortunate opponent of Ripley for a one-on-one match during a December 2022 episode of Monday Night RAW. In a quick showdown, the intergender match ended with a win from The Judgment Day member.

Rhea Ripley's height may not be the tallest, but her strength and charisma truly show that she can still dominate every person she faces.

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