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Former WWE star Shelly Martinez (left) and The Bloodline (right)

"Would've slept with him" - When Ex-WWE star confessed her 'obsession' with Bloodline member

In April 2005, Shelly Martinez (aka Ariel) signed a contract with WWE and reported to the company's developmental brand at the time, OVW. There, the 42-year-old worked closely with current Bloodline member Paul Heyman, who was in charge of OVW's creative department.

Speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews a few months ago, the California native confessed to having an obsession with Heyman during her time in OVW:

"With Heyman, I know he was a big fan of my look but there was a time, because I went through like a huge obsession with Heyman. Like, I was obsessed with him. Like, I would've slept with him at one point. Like, that's how obsessed I was. Like, I was obsessed," she said. [0:45 - 0:59]

However, the former WWE star revealed that Roman Reigns' Special Council once broke her heart:

"There was a time where he did talk down to me and that's what broke my heart because me and Beth Phoenix had a feud going on and we were walking through out match and he goes, 'now Shelly, she needs to be walked through' and I was like, 'what the hell now?!' Al Snow was my trainer and Al Snow saw how hard I worked. He knew the deal with me. He treated me with respect. (...) So, I was so upset that Heyman was making it seem like I just didn't know what I was doing and that Beth was just gonna make me look good. And so, I was really upset about it," she added. [1:01 - 1:37]

Martinez had a two-year run in WWE before the company released her from her contract in May 2007. She later competed in IMPACT Wrestling and on the independent circuit before announcing her retirement in 2017.


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Paul Heyman had a crush on WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

While Shelly Martinez was attracted to Paul Heyman, The Bloodline's Wise Man had a crush on Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.


In a blog posted on the UK Sun's website as part of the Heyman Hustle series in 2008, the 57-year-old opened up about his admiration for The Diva of the Decade. He stated that she has "earned everyone's respect."

"I can't seem to recall any objections I ever raised to a script that involved a scantily clad Trish Stratus. Hey, hey, hey. Easy. It was good for ratings. Uh huh. And I read Pl**boy for the articles, too! Here's where Trish really earned everyone's respect. In an environment where she could have made fantastic money just taking an occasional bump, doing the typical bra and panties matches, and stealing the show on all the "Divas In Paradise" DVD releases, Trish Stratus wanted to offer more. She wanted to give the WWE audience a more complete package than just a busty glamour girl," Heyman said. [H/T: BleacherReport]

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