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Seth Rollins and Rob Van Dam are similar in many ways

WWE: 4 reasons Seth Rollins is this generation's RVD

The new United States Champion, Seth Rollins, has been the center of attention in the last few days. The Visionary may have lost a profoundly personal war with Matt Riddle inside the Fight Pit at Extreme Rules, but he raised several eyebrows with his ring gear.

At Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins' ring attire had surprising similarities with the traditional gear of the legendary Rob Van Dam. The US Champion mimicked the WWE Hall of Famer's iconic pose during his entrance. The move seemingly caught the "One of a Kind" Superstar's attention, who responded on social media.


Here, we dive a little deeper and analyze the similarities the two superstars share, which may have influenced Rollins to wear the attire at Extreme Rules.


#4. Seth Rollins and Rob Van Dam both execute The Five Star Frog Splash to perfection


In his prime, RVD was one of the best in-ring workers, and his finishing maneuver was the rib-shattering Five Star Frog Splash, mainly from the top rope. The move is still effectively delivered to this day by none other than Seth "Freakin" Rollins, another tremendous wrestler.

Although Van Dam usually pinned his opponents for the three-count following the Frog Splash, Rollins uses it more like a signature move for near-falls. Either way, both superstars execute the difficult maneuver to perfection, and one can see their opponents gasping for air after having their ribs crushed.

#3. Both men are former Money in the Bank winners


Two wrestlers known for their risk-taking offense and opportunistic tendencies, RVD and Seth Rollins are also former Money in the Bank winners. The One of a Kind Superstar unhooked the briefcase in a star-studded ladder match at WrestleMania 22. The Visionary did the same in his first run as a singles star in June 2014.


The MITB contract was a launching pad for both men, paving the way for a world championship run. Van Dam won the prestigious WWE Championship in June 2006 from John Cena. Rollins pulled off "The Heist of the Century" during the main event of WrestleMania 31 to reach the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

#2. Both their WWE Championship reigns were cut short


This one is an odd entry, but it is a similarity between Seth Rollins and Rob Van Dam. As former world champions, both men have reached the top of the men's division. However, neither man's reign ended the way they would have imagined.

The Hall of Famer's first and only WWE Championship run was cut short when he violated the company's Talent Wellness Policy and was caught in drug possession.

The Messiah vacated his first world title when he injured his knee with an awkward landing off the top rope. Their runs might have lasted longer if it weren't for the circumstances above.

#1. Seth Rollins and Rob Van Dam have rightfully earned strikingly similar nicknames

These two men know what to do on Mondays

When Rob Van Dam left ECW for RAW in 1997, Jerry Lawler nicknamed him "Mr. Monday Night RAW" because the show aired on Mondays. Over time, RVD would live up to this moniker by wowing audiences weekly on television with his freakish athleticism and knack for stealing the show.

Seth Rollins also prides himself on being "Monday Night Rollins". This is a tribute to The Visionary's workhorse routine. The former Architect of The Shied puts on an excellent in-ring performance every single week on RAW. They may not love him the way they loved RVD, but they do respect him for his work.

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