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Seth Rollins' former rival could reignite feud for a WHC match at SummerSlam

WWE should book high-profile rematch for Seth Rollins at SummerSlam

Seth Rollins has already become a must-see champion after putting on a great main event on WWE RAW this past Monday night against Damian Priest. Now that The Judgment Day has already begun their quest for the World Heavyweight Title, the new champion already has three challenges ahead of him.

This is the perfect opportunity for WWE to establish a rivalry for years to come. Seth Rollins wrestled a young Dominik Mysterio three years ago in the latter's debut match, during the pandemic, at SummerSlam.


The Mysterio Family has a rich history with Rollins, who was then known as the "Monday Night Messiah," feuding predominantly with the elder Mysterio.

The roles have been reversed now, with Dominik Mysterio being arguably the biggest heel on the roster, and perhaps even the entire pro-wrestling world.

Dom and Seth worked a decent match at SummerSlam 2020, and now, three years later, the idea of the 26-year-old becoming World Heavyweight Champion is ludicrous to many fans. However, that does not mean he isn't deserving of it.

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles both looking at each other and immediately laughing after Rhea Ripley says that Dominik Mysterio could be the one to take the World Heavyweight Championship off of Rollins.

Great segment.


The Judgment Day star will stand out in Detroit, Michigan, as Seth Rollins' challenger. The duo could work a fantastic match and evoke loud reactions from the fans in attendance.


With Finn Balor likely facing Rollins at Money in the Bank, Dominik Mysterio could legitimately be next in line. Damian Priest probably should also get an opportunity again, on a Premium Live Event this time.

But The Biggest Party Of The Summer needs a story-driven match, one that has as good a history as Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio.

Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio is the biggest street fight you should watch out for 🏾🏾
#WWERaw #LiveSportsNaGOtv

From the above promo to now, times have changed, and Dom has become his own man. His match against Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 39 was an absolutely memorable affair. Now, opposite arguably the best wrestler in WWE, he could pull off one for the ages.


WWE Hall of Famer heaps praise on Dominik Mysterio

Ric Flair recently spoke highly of Dom. Having shared a close friendship with The Mysterio family over the years, the 16-time world champion believes the 26-year-old is destined for big things:

"Dominik's great," Flair began. "That was great what he and Rey... you know, I've known that kid since he was like five years old. To see him mature like this, and to know how close that family is, how much respect they have for the business, yeah. I've got so many great relationships and I'm so proud to see these guys accomplish at such a high level. Dominik's got a great future."

The young superstar worked a promo segment with The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes this week on WWE RAW that got fans invested in a potential match between the two.

First rule of the yard.

@DomMysterio35 just slapped @CodyRhodes on #WWERaw!

WWE clearly values and holds him in the highest regard. Perhaps a World Heavyweight Championship match is in Dominik Mysterio's immediate future.

You can read more about a veteran of the company seeing "little shades" of a young Owen Hart in Dominik Mysterio here.

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