WWE to reportedly make major additions to the Royal Rumble this week

Royal Rumble 2020 is about to get a whole lot better!

Lennard Surrao
Modified 20 Jan 2020, 04:53 IST

Triple H / Royal Rumble countdown.

The Royal Rumble PPV is gradually shaping up to be a show worth looking forward to and a majority of the focus is on the two traditional Royal Rumble matches.


We had reported a while back that NXT Superstars will have a major role to play in the Rumble matches but the company has yet to announce a single name from the Black and Gold brand.

Dave Meltzer opened up on NXT's rumored involvement at Royal Rumble on the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer stated that the last time he checked, the plan was to still have NXT Superstars at Royal Rumble 2020. The women's match will have to include some of the top talents from NXT as the company won't be able to fill all the 30 spots without the help of Triple H's brand.

Meltzer even added that Shayna Baszler is the favourite to win the Women's Royal Rumble match. He also stated that WWE could announce the additions from NXT on the upcoming episodes of RAW, NXT and SmackDown respectively.

He explained:

I wish I could tell you, I know, what was it? A couple of weeks ago? And the story actually broke that there would be a lot of NXT people in the Rumble and I checked and that was absolutely the plan and I’m sure there would be in the women’s side because how are they going to get 30 women without using NXT talent and I think Shayna Baszler is probably, I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if she wins the Rumble but she is going to be one of the favourites to win.
I don’t know but yes, we still got Monday, we still got Wednesday and we still got Friday to make these announcements. You know, you would want, I would think that if NXT talent was in the Rumble that on this week’s NXT show they should have been doing promos, talking about winning the Rumble and they should have been attacked by guys because we know, like, they know the formula to get the ratings up, we know how to do it now. It’s not like a shot in the dark. And now that they are not doing it, the numbers are down. 

Four participants for the Women's match have been confirmed, while on the men's side of things, 20 spots have already been filled.


Who would you like to see from NXT make an appearance at the Royal Rumble? Jolt down your picks in the comments section.

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Published 20 Jan 2020, 04:53 IST