Will the Monster Among Men decimate the Roman Empire?

5 Ways in which WWE can surprise us at Hell In A Cell 

  • Will WWE pull off one of the most shocking moments in company's history by giving us a monumental double turn?
Abid Khan

After delivering a blockbuster show with SummerSlam, WWE could be heading into another monumental night with their next pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell.

The creative team have been successful in advancing many narratives with some pacy and quick storytelling that has managed to garner tremendous interest from the fans.

With Braun Strowman having a legitimate backup in Drew Mcintyre and Dolph Ziggler now to square off against the Shield, there's a strong possibility that the company could possibly alter many decisions by the time the PPV hits.

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While the fans were disappointed by the SummerSlam match card, WWE went the distance and delivered one of the most fascinating shows in recent memory by legitimately shocking the audience.

So, without any further ado, let's dive deep and predict the 5 ways WWE could legitimately surprise us at Hell in a Cell.

#1 Charlotte turns heel and Becky Lynch turns face in a monumental double turn

This will be shocking

Becky Lynch's sensational performances have definitely changed the entire landscape of women's division on SmackDown Live, and while Charlotte maybe the Women's Champion, the WWE Universe are all in for the Relentless Lass Kicker.

The Irish sensation continues to gravitate tremendous attention and receives probably the loudest pops on a weekly basis for her incredible body of work and potential.

While both the best friends will battle for the gold at HIAC, the creative team could go a different direction and deliver a brilliant moment here.

Since Becky Lynch deserved a one-on-one chance at the title, her recent mannerisms and antics are totally justified, and the fans do not look at her as a heel.

With such strong reactions every week, it seems possible that the ideal possibility to elevate this feud would be to capitalize on the situation and pull off a sensational double turn at Hell in a Cell.

In what could be on the similar lines as Stone Cold Vs. Bret Hart, the Queen could finally embrace the hate and pull off her dirty tricks to secure the victory over her best friend.

This probably catapults Charlotte as a vicious heel and brings more momentum and limelight to the anti-hero yet underdog Becky Lynch.

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Published 30 Aug 2018, 15:43 IST