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WWE history: Brock Lesnar meets Charlotte Flair in rare photo

When The Beast met The Queen!

Abhilash Mendhe

When The Beast met The Queen

The backstory

Brock Lesnar is currently back on the top of WWE's main event scene, after successfully cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Seth Rollins at WWE Extreme Rules. Lesnar's 2nd run with WWE has turned him into one of the most dangerous and dominant WWE Superstars of all time.

Lesnar is someone who usually stays away from the limelight, and is rarely seen interacting much with fellow WWE Superstars. During WWE's The Greatest Royal Rumble tour last year, Lesnar was seen having dinner with other top Superstars in a rare visual and was later seen clicking a picture with The Great Khali in what might be their only picture together.

Years ago, Lesnar was seen hanging out backstage with a wrestler whom many consider the greatest Women's Champion in recent history.

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A rare union

The picture was taken sometime around WrestleMania 31 weekend and was posted by Charlotte Flair the day after the big event was done and dusted with. Flair and Lesnar can be seen posing for a picture at a backstage area. Charlotte playfully stated in the caption that she told Lesnar she was genetically superior.


At the time, Flair was yet to come up on the main roster. Lesnar, on the other hand, lost his WWE World title in the main event of the show when an opportunistic Seth Rollins came out during the main event and cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase on The Beast.

The aftermath

Around four years later, Lesnar is still comfortably perched atop the main event scene of Raw. After what happened on the recent episode of SmackDown Live, and with reports of Trish Stratus coming back at SummerSlam, we might be in for a dream match at The Biggest Party of the Summer, between Stratus and Flair.

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