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Randy Orton vs The Fiend - Firefly Inferno match at TLC 2020

5 WWE match stipulations we might not see anymore

Match stipulations play an essential role in WWE. They make events interesting and exciting. New rules and requirements force a superstar to alter their strategy for defeating an opponent. Some of the most popular stipulations include Ironman, Falls Count Anywhere, and Last Man Standing matches.

WWE adapts itself to the changing times as it is an important aspect of a business. This has resulted in a shift in their attitude towards some stipulations that have become outdated or simply bizarre. Below is a list of five such WWE stipulations.


#1. On this list of 5 WWE stipulations that are no longer functional: Bra and Panties match

Fatal 4 Way Bra & Panty match

The Attitude Era has had its fill of weird matches. One such example was the vast amount of “Bra and Panties” matches, which were quite common in WWE. It is so named because the goal was to strip the opponent down to her undergarments, the first to do so, saving herself from embarrassment.

The stipulation is no longer possible although it is not banned. WWE has renewed it's focus on women’s wrestling with in-ring skills and storytelling heavily focused on. Women have ceased to be just "eye candy" or objects of spectacle.

Never looked at it that way. I just have to say out loud that this along with some other gimmick matches similar in nature were some of the most traumatic moments of my life that I have to live with, feeling like I never had a choice. twitter.com/SeanRossSapp/s…
Alexa Bliss: I Respect The Women Who Did Bra & Panties Matches, I Could Never Do it fightful.com/wrestling/alex…

Moreover, with WWE turning PG in the summer of 2008 was the final nail in the coffin of the Bra & Panties match. The last instance of this stipulation was between Melina and Candice Michelle in 2007, on an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Alexa Bliss is of the opinion that there has been a shift in attitudes towards women’s wrestling being now considered equal to men. Women currently participate in more hardcore style matches, which were formerly considered too dangerous for them.

Women now even headline premium live events. Sasha Banks and Charlotte became the first women to accomplish this feat at the Hell in a Cell premium live event in 2016.


#2. Kennel From Hell match

Al Snow and Big Boss Man in the first and last Kennel from Hell

The Kennel from Hell match was a hybrid of two matches; a Steel Cage inside of a Hell in a Cell. Guard dogs were placed in the area between the cell and the cage, which were led by officials and stagehands. The winner needed to escape both structures while avoiding the dogs.

Following a long feud that involved a dog named Pepper, Al Snow and The Big Boss Man fought inside the structure. The match took place at the 1999 Unforgiven pay-per-view with the Hardcore Championship on the line.

The focal point of the match was the presence of dogs. However, most of them did not have obedience training. The gimmick failed and became a joke when the Rottweilers began to relieve themselves and even attempted to mate during the match.


It is safe to say that this stipulation will not be utilized by WWE anymore. Steel Cage and Hell in a Cell are both good enough on their own, with the experiment to combine the two proving to be a failure.

#3. Punjabi Prison match

The Punjabi Prison inspired bamboo cage

The Punjabi Prison consists of two steel-reinforced bamboo cages with doors that can be temporarily opened by referees. Weapons such as kendo sticks can be freely used when each wrestler tries to escape both cages.

The first cage has four doors through which the wrestlers can escape. However, if they were unable to do so in 60 seconds then the doors would be padlocked and they’d have to instead climb over the top.

The structure was inspired by The Great Khali. However, he was unable to participate in the inaugural match due to illness. The Undertaker went on to become the winner of the first Punjabi Prison match by defeating Big Show at the Great American Bash 2006.


Although Punjabi Prison matches are exciting, they are not often used. Speaking on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, WWE writer Matt McCarthy said that the cost of transportation of the bamboo structure was quite expensive. They even had to bring a separate truck to carry the giant cage.

With that in mind, it doesn’t seem like there will be another match with this stipulation. The most recent one, between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal at Battleground 2017, failed to impress the crowd as per WWE’s expectations. Similar to the case of 'Kennel from Hell', they have other structures to use instead.

#4. First Blood Match

The Animal Batista in a First Blood Match

The stipulation of a First Blood Match is simple. The first wrestler to draw blood from their opponent is the winner. These types of matches were more common in WWE during the Attitude Era and are currently still found in other promotions.

First Blood matches are now banned, with WWE turning PG in July 2008. Bleeding on WWE TV carries a hefty fine. This was the case for former WWE Superstar Batista. He was fined $100,000 for intentionally busting himself open through blading.


Moreover, it was Vince McMahon’s decision that there would be no more blood in the ring. This was the effect of a match between Shawn Michaels and Jericho at Great American Bash in July 2008. The fight ended prematurely when Michaels began to bleed heavier than usual. The referee was forced to name Jericho the winner.

The last WWE First Blood Match happened a month before the incident, at One Night Stand 2008. John Cena defeated JBL by wrapping a chain around his throat, causing his opponent to spit blood.

#5. Inferno Match

Kane vs The Undertaker - Inferno match

The objective of the match is to set the opponent on fire in any way. The ring is surrounded by fire, which is carefully controlled by pyrotechnicians.

Although dangerous, the superstars take precautions. They protect themselves by wearing special fire-retardant padding beneath their costumes. In the Inferno match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, they had a digital audience. Camera angles, illusions, and retakes enhanced the wrestlers' safety and added to the excitement.

The Inferno match was inspired by the gimmick of Kane. His storyline gimmick was to have been permanently scarred due to a horrible fire. The Big Red Machine faced The Undertaker in the first Inferno match, where his arm was set on fire.


Similar matches have happened since then, with WWE booking a ‘Ring of Fire’ Match at SummerSlam 2013 between Bray Wyatt and Kane. The only difference was that it was won by pinfall.

Inferno matches are far and rare due to health concerns. It is difficult for superstars to breathe due to the engulfing fire. The state sports commission's concern over safety is another reason WWE often prefers not to have the ring ablaze.


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