WWE's most viral Pop culture moments in recent times

WWE is an undeniable part of popular culture. It may be called fake by some or many, it may be called trash by a few, but it can’t be ignored, it still survives. The influence of many wrestlers have gone beyond the realms of the WWE. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior are some of the few who started this trend.Here are some WWE performers whose influence has been felt in recent times.


#1 Jim Ross\' famous lines

Anybody who’s watched WWE ardently at some point in their lives have one iconic moment imprinted in their minds. That is Mick Foley as Mankind falling off from the top of the Cell. And what accentuated that moment even more was Jim Ross’ commentary and the lines that he uttered were as follows- “Good God Almighty. Good God Almighty. As God as my witness he’s been broken in half”

That commentry was put in during a moment in a basketball match where DeAndre Jordan hit a massive slam dunk which hit Brandon Knight.

#2 Daniel Bryan


The Yes Movement has been heard round the world and has become an important part not only in the realm of WWE but it has extended itself to become a solid part of popular culture.

Again BasketBall comes to the fore. Travis jackson led the crowd to the chant at Michigan. And even before this, the Yes Movement had already began after Wrestlemania 29 at Miami,Florida. It spread to many basketball games after that and has encrypted a place for itself in Popular culture.


#3 RKO Outta Nowhere


There are many things that only Randy orton can pull off. He has many trademarks- his signature pose, his signature build up for the RKO, the way he slithers around the ring and another feature unique to him is hitting his finisher all of a sudden when least expected thus this led Cole to utter the words “RKO outta Nowhere”

The recent video which has him morphed into ‘RKO’ing Santa Claus is one of the most hilarious thing that you’ll find on the Internet these holidays

#4 John Cena

The resident babyface of the WWE, the perennial face of the business is the biggest star that WWE has had in a while. His merchandise sales have been seldom matched by someone other than him in the WWE. He is the pop culture phenomenon for the WWE. Kids love him and wear whatever he endorses. When Rock called him Fruity Pebbles, he went ahead and endorsed that as well. Perfect PR.

Other than that his ‘You Can’t See Me’ gesture is popular not just amongst kids but people from all ages. It was cool even before Cenation Cena was born.


If you look closely at the video, you can see people doing that hand gesture.

#5 The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge was the biggest social media phenomenon this year, WWE undoubtedly did not want to be left behind. They were nominated by and they nominated many A-List celebrities. The videos of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan etc went viral. It was also made use of in the best feud of the year between Ambrose and Rollins in a momentary hilarious segment.

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