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WWE News: Becky Lynch calls out Taylor Swift on Twitter

Becky Lynch is setting her sights high! #WWE #WWETLC

Danny Hart
Published Dec 15, 2019

Is it wise to steal Becky Lynch's nickname?!

Becky Lynch has been known to call out her fellow WWE Superstars on Twitter in the past – and now she has made American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift her next target.

Earlier this week, Swift posted a picture of herself on Twitter, accompanied by a caption which claimed she would be “the man” if she were a man.

Lynch, who began calling herself “The Man” in September 2018, has now responded by insinuating that the 30-year-old has copied her nickname.

Becky Lynch’s Twitter antics

When Becky Lynch’s WWE career sky-rocketed after SummerSlam 2018, “The Man” used Twitter to her advantage by firing witty and hilarious insults at Superstars including Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.


Speaking at a recent Gorilla Position live show in the UK, Lynch explained that she simply used Twitter as a tool to make fans more interested in her storylines, but she no longer feels the need to try to elevate her character.

"With the social media stuff I was trying to establish myself. But I don’t do that as much now. You can’t have too much of a good thing before people roll their eyes and now I feel like I don’t need to use that method to establish myself as I’m at a certain level."

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