WWE News: Charlotte Flair congratulates Becky Lynch for landing WWE 2K20 cover

Mandy Rose has competition for "Top Cover Girl" in WWE.

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:28 IST

Flair and Lynch bring out the best in each other.

After attacking Charlotte Flair following their match at SummerSlam last year, Becky Lynch enjoyed possibly one of the best years that a female has had in WWE history. That success led The Man to land on the cover of WWE 2K20 alongside Roman Reigns, and Flair praised the work Lynch has done to get that far. Gerweck.net carried transcripts of Flair's comments during an interview with Smacktalks.


History-making friends and enemies

Lynch and Flair have been involved in some of the most memorable matches in wrestling history. From their Hell in a Cell match to their match at TLC to the main event of WrestleMania 35, the two friends have been a part of several pivotal moments in WWE history. These moments led to more exposure for Lynch and Flair congratulated her friend for landing a spot on the cover of WWE's video game, WWE 2K20.

“Oh, I could not be any more ecstatic for her. I mean, it’s a great way to close out the incredible year that she had. Being on the cover was only fitting, especially with the WrestleMania moment that she had.”

Ronda Rousey was also a part of the historical 'Mania main event but she has only been an active WWE competitor for a year and a half. Lynch worked her way up from NXT to become arguably the top star in WWE.

The next few months

A lot of big things will be happening in WWE over the next month. Both women are involved in title matches this weekend at Clash of Champions. Lynch defends the RAW Women's Championship against Sasha Banks while Flair challenges Bayley for the SmackDown Women's title.

The dynamic of both shows could be altered greatly if titles change hands as Lynch has anchored RAW since 'Mania. If she drops the belt, she could eventually be headed back to the blue brand due to it moving to FOX. SmackDown will become more prominent than RAW and WWE and FOX officials will want as many top stars as possible on the Friday Night show. Some of the top women could be among the names switching brands during any Superstar moves next month.

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Published 14 Sep 2019, 03:33 IST
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