WWE News: Extreme lengths officials went through to keep one of Vince McMahon’s biggest storylines a secret

One of Vince McMahon's most famous storylines was very well protected!

Nicky Pags
21 Jul 2019, 20:56 IST

Vince McMahon

What's the story?

Back in September of 2007, one of WWE's most anticipated storyline reveals took place, and answered the long hyped question - who is Vince McMahon's illegitimate son?

The payoff ended up being then-WWE star Hornswoggle, and in a new interview conducted with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE star opened up about the famous storyline, and revealed company officials went to great lengths in order to protect the secret from leaking out to the public.

In case you didn't know...

The reveal of Hornswoggle as Vince McMahon's "son" back in 2007 was met with a very mixed reaction from fans, as some felt the reveal was less than thrilling, with other fans liking the unique direction.

The angle saw Vince put Hornswoggle in very lopsided matches against opponents much bigger than Hornswoggle in order to show his son "tough love".

Eventually, the angle led to the bigger storyline reveal that Hornswoggle was not, in fact, Vince McMahon's son, but instead, he was the son of WWE star and current backstage producer Fit Finlay.


The heart of the matter

During a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hornswoggle spoke in detail about the Vince McMahon storyline, and noted the company took extreme measures to make sure the big reveal of Vince's son did not leak out on the internet.

“I found out that day at 4 pm,” revealed Hornswoggle. “Bruce Prichard comes up to me [and said,] 'give me your cellphone.' [I said], 'absolutely not.' [Prichard said again], 'give me your cellphone, you're going to want to.' He puts it in his pocket [then says], 'you're Vince's son, we need to sneak you under the ring, no one can know.”

Hornswoggle added that he waited nearly 6 hours under the ring for the big reveal to take place on the show.

What's next?

Hornswoggle was then asked about the angle being cut short after only two months, and the former WWE star explained that original plans had changed. Hornswoggle revealed that initial creative plans called for a Finlay vs Vince McMahon at WrestleMania, but Vince ended up scrapping the idea for whatever reason, and the angle went in a different direction.

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