Could we hear Slipknot in WWE soon?

WWE News: Former WWE Champion wants to use Slipknot song as his entrance music

  • Apparently he's trying to convince Corey Taylor to give him permission...
Gary Cassidy
Modified 22 May 2019, 18:02 IST

What's the story?

Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House segment took a rather sinister turn two weeks ago, and the wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation as to just how the Jekyll and Hyde-esque character's WWE future will unfold.


While we didn't see Wyatt at Money In The Bank, this week's RAW only further teased his re-debut - and it seems like Wyatt may have a new theme song when he comes back!

In case you didn't know...

Ever since Bray Wyatt's re-emergence, the former WWE Champion has been popping up on RAW in new segments called Firefly Fun House, appearing in brightly coloured clothes, portraying a kids' TV presenter in a way never before seen on WWE television - but the Eater of Worlds has been hinting at something much darker.

However, we recently saw the emergence of a masked man, with Wyatt threatening that he's now learned how to channel his dark thoughts - although he's not quite let the WWE Universe in on his secrets just yet.

The heart of the matter

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt's new mask was created by the legendary Tom Savini -something he shares in common with a certain masked band in Slipknot!

Well, it seems like the crossover doesn't stop there, with Bray Wyatt confirming that he's currently trying to convince Corey Taylor to allow him to use Slipknot's Unsainted as his entrance music!


What's next?

Well, Wyatt may not have appeared at this week's Money In The Bank, but there's absolutely no doubt that the former WWE Champion's re-debut is one of the most anticipated things in WWE this year!

Who would you like to see Bray Wyatt get some new entrance music? If so, is Slipknot a good choice? Let us know in the comments.

Published 22 May 2019, 18:02 IST