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WWE News: Kevin Owens suggests interesting way to make WWE great

  • This is a very different idea that Owens has suggested, but we are unsure if WWE will want to use it.
Nishant Jayaram
Modified 10 May 2019, 09:49 IST

What's the story?

WWE have gone through a ratings slump, which should be worrying for Vince McMahon and co. as the Fox deal, where SmackDown will air on Fox, will come into effect very soon.


Former Universal Champion Kevin Owens, has an interesting suggestion on how to make WWE television great again.

In case you didn't know...

Owens returned to WWE television after double knee surgery in February, replacing Kofi Kingston in a title match against Daniel Bryan.

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Owens was a babyface, but after siding with The New Day post WrestleMania, he turned heel once again, feuding with Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

The heart of the matter

In an interview with, Owens spoke about how we would make WWE great again. He suggested adding the phenomenal videos that WWE makes for YouTube to end up on WWE television, to add to the various storylines.

“I think a good idea would be to implement these incredible pieces on everyone that have ended up on YouTube. The digital team is so great, they are unsung heroes. These guys create these incredible pieces on people and characters, they put them on YouTube, and they are so good.


"The same thing with the Network, like with WWE 24 and 365 or Chronicle. I feel like we should implement these concepts and put them on TV because they would make for great television and complement our TV shows well. I’d like to see that happen moving forward," said Owens to

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What's next?

Owens will face off against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship title at Money in the Bank.


What do you think about Owens' suggestion? What other things should WWE do? Comment below!

Published 10 May 2019, 08:28 IST