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  • WWE News & Rumor Roundup: Female star has quit because of personal issues, CM Punk got 38-year-old removed from show, Message to Bayley 
Bayley (left), and former WWE Champion CM Punk (right)

WWE News & Rumor Roundup: Female star has quit because of personal issues, CM Punk got 38-year-old removed from show, Message to Bayley 

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News & Rumor Roundup, where we aim to bring you the most exciting stories from the world of sports entertainment. Today's edition revolves around top names like former world champion CM Punk, Bayley, and Asuka.

CM Punk made his massive return to WWE at Survivor Series last weekend. However, before returning, he was part of AEW. The Tony Khan-led promotion fired Punk after his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In 2023.


A recent report has hinted at Punk's potential role in a star's storyline being dropped from AEW Collision. We will also take a look at why a female talent chose to quit World Wrestling Entertainment.

#1 Asuka's message for Bayley

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Asuka's consistent praise for Bayley has fueled speculation about The Role Model's future in Damage CTRL. Repeatedly expressing admiration on social media, The Empress of Tomorrow curiously refers to Bayley as her best friend.


Considering The Role Model took the pinfall in the women's WarGames match at Survivor Series, the Japanese star's recent post surprised many.

The Empress of Tomorrow is the newest addition to Damage CTRL and has swiftly become a key member of the stable. After Asuka's inclusion, many in the WWE Universe think The Role Model might be ousted from the group. Asuka's show of affection for Bayley could be a way to deceive the latter.

#2 CM Punk was reportedly responsible for QT Marshall being removed from AEW Collision

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QT Marshall is set to part ways with AEW after being with the company since its inception. The 38-year-old is seemingly close to Cody Rhodes, and many believe he could eventually reunite with The American Nightmare in WWE.


WrestlePurists recently reported that Punk wasn't a fan of Marshall's 'QTV' segments and asked Tony Khan to remove him from AEW Collision.

''According to people in AEW, CM Punk didn’t want QT Marshall to be a part of Collision and didn’t see QTV as a productive part of Powerhouse Hobbs’ presentation.''

QT Marshall's 'QTV' angle involving Powerhouse Hobbs was abruptly removed from television. Tony Khan is said to have shouldered the responsibility for this decision, and there seemed to be a lack of clear communication regarding the plan.

#3 Giovanna Eburneo (Ghi Eburneo) left WWE because of security concerns


Ghi Eburneo, who quit WWE, said that her personal troubles began upon relocating to Orlando, citing an excessive payment for a car. Eburneo further recounted an alarming incident in which she encountered a shooting while at a mall, expressing her fear as she sought refuge in a restroom alongside six other women.

"I experienced a shooting in a mall. I was in a restroom with six women, terrified, hearing shots, praying to God. I messaged the company, [the] people who manage it, telling them where I was, that I was in a restroom with girls who didn't speak my language as I only spoke Portuguese and didn't speak English.''

Eburneo further said she had no intention of re-signing with WWE after returning to her home in Brazil. The 26-year-old added that she had emailed the company, informing them of her decision. The promotion, however, presented multiple offers to her.


#4 Potential update on Jade Gargill's future in WWE


According to PWInsider, Cargill is set to continue her training at the Performance Center for an extended period. While no specific date has been set for her official debut on the main roster or in NXT, Cargill will attend a couple of training sessions per week for now.

The former TBS Champion enjoyed significant success as one of the standout stars in AEW and continues to be a beloved figure in the world of professional wrestling.

Despite her move to the Stanford-based promotion, she has yet to be assigned to a specific brand. The former AEW star has been actively training at the Performance Center and has also made appearances at select events.


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