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WWE News: Superstar would like to return after 8 years to 'play with The Fiend' 

This match could happen in the near future!

Lennard Surrao
Published Dec 12, 2019

The Fiend.

John Morrison made his first big WWE programming appearance on The Bump after the company confirmed his return following an 8-year absence.

Morrison shared his views on a variety of topics which included the reason behind his absence and eventual return, possible matches upon his highly-anticipated comeback and various top Superstars currently in the WWE roster.

The 3-time Intercontinental Champion was asked about his thoughts on The Fiend. Morrison said that he'd ignore Bray Wyatt's current TV beef with his good friend The Miz and stated that he is a big fan of The Fiend.

He went on to tease a possible showdown with the WWE Universal Champion by claiming that he would like to play with The Fiend.

I'm a big fan of The Fiend. He's very interesting, and I'd like to play! I'll let you in bud!

There is currently no word on when Morrison will make his in-ring return for the WWE but that should happen sooner rather later with Royal Rumble just on the horizon.

Bray Wyatt is scheduled to take on The Miz in a non-title match at TLC on December 15th and beyond that, he is expected to resume his angle with Daniel Bryan.

Morrison vs. Wyatt is a match that is unlikely to happen anytime soon and we're not sure how many fans would actually like to see it happen. Would you?

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