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WWE News: Top Champion wants a shot at Becky Lynch's Raw Women's Title

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Abhilash Mendhe
Modified 25 May 2019, 08:00 IST

What's the story?

WWE Superstar Bayley recently posted a photo on Twitter, hinting at wanting to become dual Women's Champion.


The photo shows Bayley eyeing Becky Lynch's Raw Women's Title in a backstage interview.

In case you didn't know...

Bayley was drafted to SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shakeup that took place after WrestleMania 35. Upon her arrival, Bayley set her sights on Becky Lynch, but came up short when Charlotte Flair defeated her to earn a shot at Lynch's SmackDown Title.

The Hugger went on to compete in the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match at the MITB PPV, and won the whole thing to an incredibly positive response from the crowd.

This wasn't the end of the night for Bayley though, as she came out later to save Becky Lynch from a 2-on-1 beatdown at the hands of Charlotte and Lacey Evans. Soon after, she cashed in her newly won briefcase on an unconscious Flair and won the SmackDown Live Women's Title.

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The heart of the matter


This past week on SmackDown Live, Bayley and Becky Lynch teamed up to defeat the villainous duo of Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans, in a winning effort.

Bayley has now tweeted a picture of herself and Becky Lynch in a backstage interview segment, with both women holding on to their titles. Bayley however, looks to be eyeing Becky's Raw Women's Title.

Lynch was quick to respond to Bayley's photo, and posted a gif, hinting that Bayley still has a lot to achieve in comparison to her, and she'll help her do the same.


Becky Lynch has used Twitter to her advantage over the course of the past several months to elevate herself. Recently, her jibe at an injured Nia Jax wasn't taken well by the latter, who proceeded to hurl profanities at The Man.

What's next?

A match between the two women in the near future seems like an exciting prospect at this moment, and the WWE Universe would surely welcome the feud, seeing how Bayley is finally being properly utilized on the main roster.

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Published 25 May 2019, 08:00 IST