Marufuji will challenge Hideo Itami later today

WWE/NOAH News: Naomichi Marufuji gives his take on Hideo Itami ahead of his return to NOAH

What's the story?

WWE superstar Hideo Itami will be making his much-awaited return to his home promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH later today and prior to his return, Itami's opponent, Japanese wrestling legend Naomichi Marufuji gave his take on his upcoming match against Itami.


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In case you didn't know...

Prior to signing with the WWE in 2014, Japanese sensation Hideo Itami was formerly known as Kenta Kobayashi competed for top Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH, where he is a former one-time GHC Heavyweight Champion and a three-time GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion as well.

During his stint with NOAH, Itami also competed for American promotion Ring of Honor Wrestling, before arriving on WWE’s developmental promotion NXT in 2014.

The heart of the matter


In a recent interview with, former GHC Heavyweight Champion and NOAH ace Naomichi Marufuji weighed in his thoughts on Hideo Itami and how he has been preparing for his much-anticipated battle against the man formerly known as KENTA.

According to Marufuji, he pointed out the fact that he and Itami are currently on different paths and also admitted to having a sense of jealousy due to the fact that Itami made his way to the United States of America, whereas, Marufuji had to work his way to the top from Japan.

“He and I are on different paths, I did feel some jealousy when he went to America, because I had decided that I had to do it "here". I don't want it to be lost in the meaning of his going to America, I have been thinking about that. Because of the excitement, I want to show content that matches it, and above all the "results."

Additionally, Marufuji also noted that he will look forward to taking advantage of his abilities to win and also knows for the fact that Itami will not be giving up, no matter what.

"He will not give up, and I want to take advantage of my ability to win. I think he is thinking many things, especially about the reaction of the fans when he was displayed on the monitor at Korakuen. I think that was the most and best "real". I want him to have an explosion like that at the venue. Everyone had hoped for him, and that was the proof.”

What's next?

Hideo Itami and Naomichi Marufuji will square-off later today at Naomichi Marufuji’s Debut 20th Anniversary Commemorative Event at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.

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