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WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results- New signee makes huge impact, shocking betrayal costs Ciampa

  • NXT TakeOver: Portland proved to be one of the greatest NXT PPVs of all time.
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Here we are, the final TakeOver before Tampa! While this is often said every TakeOver, it's hard to look at this card and not consider it the most stacked show in the brand's history. On paper, it's six star-studded matches back-to-back, featuring the best in-ring competitors the black and gold brand has to offer. As we've seen from NXT, though, the roster always exceeds expectations.


Before starting the show, we got an opening song from Poppy, who by all accounts is to NXT what Puddle of Mudd was to the WWE in the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Tonight's PPV kicked off with the NXT North American Championship match. Dominik Dijakovic and champion Keith Lee have been involved in an absolute jaw-dropping rivalry with each other, and this match of the titans looks to be the end of that chapter. Who would walk out holding the gold and, maybe more importantly, the bragging rights?

NXT North American Championship: Dominik Dijakovic vs Keith Lee (c)

The giants locked up in the middle of the ring, with Lee shaking Dijakovic off and attempting a Pounce. Dijakovic avoided and went for the Cyclone Kick. Lee blocked, responding with a running hurricanrana that almost sent Dijakovic to the floor.

Dijakovic and Lee met in the middle with a series of shoulder blocks, with both men refusing to budge. Lee caught a chop, crushing Dijakovic's hand and lifting him straight up. Dijakovic chopped him with his other hand but couldn't break the grip. Dijakovic was sent into the ropes but responded with the Cyclone Kick, sending Lee outside.

A Fosbury Flop was caught by Lee, who picked him up for a powerbomb! Dijakovic escaped and clobbered Lee with a vicious back elbow. A suplex dumped Lee on the apron before sending him back to the floor.

Dijakovic took Lee inside the ring to dish out further punishment. Elbows, headbutts, and right hands pelted the champion. Dijakovic failed to bring him in for a suplex, and was instead dumped overhead with a standing release German. He kicked out at two.


The Big Bang Catastrophe was avoided and Dijakovic responded with another Cyclone Kick. A top rope spiral tap nearly earned the big man his first title in NXT! Back to his feet, Lee went to war with Dijakovic in an explosive striking trade that saw both men throw hands, feet, and even the kitchen sink!

Lee's Grizzly Magnum was blocked and he was sent to the apron after a vicious clothesline. He attempted to climb the turnbuckle on the outside only to be caught by his long-time rival. From the second rope, Dijakovic dropped Lee with an avalanche Death Valley Driver! And still, Lee found it in him to kick out.


As Dijakovic set up for another Cyclone Kick, a Pounce tossed him head first into the middle turnbuckle. He rolled to the floor to escape Lee's wrath. Lee followed, nearly knocking Dijakovic unconscious with a left forearm and two Grizzly Magnum chops to the chest.

Dijakovic was able to shake it off, sitting Lee in a chair for a superkick. From the inside of the ring, Dijakovic flew across the gap into the chair with a rolling senton! Holy S--- indeed! On the inside, Dijakovic attempted a chokeslam. Lee countered into a Big Bang Catastrophe. Dijakovic escaped, planting a superkick.


As he went for the chokeslam, Lee yanked his hand away from his own throat. Dijakovic escaped a chokeslam, landing on his feet, as did Lee, leading to a Spirit Bomb from Lee! Dijakovic rolled to his feet, but was planted again with a second Spirit Bomb! Dijakovic kicked out again!

Lee was dumped to the floor off the top rope, buying Dijakovic time to catch his breath. Lee crawled back to the top where he was hit with a Yakuza Kick. Dijakovic followed up with an avalanche Spanish Fly! Again, Lee kicked out!

Feast Your Eyes was next. Lee refused to budge, and Dijakovic's back gave out. The Big Bang Catastrophe finally put Dijakovic away.

Results: Keith Lee defeated Dominic Dijakovic via pinfall.

Following the match, Lee and Dijakovic embrace in the middle of the ring. The fans gave them both a standing ovation, rightfully so.

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Published 17 Feb 2020, 08:50 IST