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WWE Rumor Roundup - Veteran from SmackDown fired, Vince McMahon unhappy, Champion to lose title before SummerSlam? - 29th May 2020

  • There is also news about a popular WWE Superstar's retirement and future.
  • A new update about Samoa Joe's in-ring future was also revealed.
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Modified 30 May 2020, 16:55 IST

Welcome to another edition of Sportskeeda's daily WWE Rumor Roundup. There have been many stories that were talked about in the day that went by and we take a look at the biggest of the lot.


A long-time employee from SmackDown has been released and the news of it happening has somehow gone under the radar.

Rey Mysterio's retirement has also been one of the biggest stories in the professional wrestling world and we have updates about the upcoming retirement ceremony on RAW, whether or not it is legitimate, and the Superstar Mysterio wants to see retire him.

There was a big update regarding Samoa Joe's in-ring future and his status as a commentator on RAW. Vince McMahon was also reportedly quite unhappy about some information leaking out.

There was also a few backstage updates on Kurt Angle's future in the company. There is also some backstage concern about a current Champion and speculation about when he may drop the title.

On that note, here is the WWE Rumor Roundup:

#6. WWE releases veteran SmackDown lead writer Chris DeJoseph


As reported first by Dave Meltzer, SmackDown lead writer Chris DeJoesph has been released from the company.

It's interesting to note that DeJoseph first worked as a creative team member for the company from 2004 to 2010. During his first WWE stint, DeJoseph even appeared as an on-screen comedy character on a few occasions.

After he left WWE in 2010, DeJoseph worked for various other promotions, including Lucha Underground and Major League Wrestling. He was rehired by the WWE in December 2019 and his latest stint, however, now seems to have come to an abrupt end.


The official reason behind his firing was not revealed.

#5. Vince McMahon reportedly unhappy with information leak


NXT talents are now being used as part of the crowd and the decision has noticeably livened up the shows. However, the news of WWE using NXT talents as part of the crowd was reported before the idea was introduced on RAW, and the WWE officials and Vince McMahon were reportedly unhappy about the leak.

WWE officials reportedly unhappy with the information leak

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue reported on the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast that the company may also conduct inquiries backstage to figure out who was responsible for the information getting out.

Tom revealed the following:

The WWE really didn't want information getting out there that there would be a crowd. Information of RAW and SmackDown tapings have not been getting out since they have moved to the Performance Center. Nobody has been told this is happening, nobody has been told that's happening, and we haven't had spoilers or anything like that getting through. WWE were very happy about that but this week a lot of information got out and Vince McMahon was apparently not happy at all.
There will be inquires because now they can say for certain someone in that NXT talent is giving information to wrestling media. So the information getting out has put a few people under pressure. What does that mean for the crowds? We'll have to see going forward. I think they will stick with it, NXT talent have been told they would be needed for the future but that said, WWE will look to find out who has been leaking information, if they can't find out, they may end up pulling the crowd.
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Published 30 May 2020, 16:37 IST