Will Brock Lesnar interrupt the proceedings on SmackDown Live?

WWE SmackDown Live : 3 possible endings for the 'Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens' match

  • Will Brock Lesnar interrupt the proceedings on SmackDown Live?
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Modified 28 May 2019, 19:30 IST

Kofi Kingston conquered all odds to capture the coveted WWE Championship from the new Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. The New Day member kicked off his title reign in an electrifying manner as he defended his title in a 'Winner Take All' match against Universal Champion, Seth Rollins on the RAW after WrestleMania.

Kofi's reign has been very challenging for him as but The Dreadlocked Dynamo has overcome every challenge. He defeated Daniel Bryan in the WrestleMania rematch, while he even put away the challenge from Kevin Owens at Money In The Bank.

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However, the Prizefighter will go one-on-one with the Champ once again tonight as they collide in a singles match on SmackDown Live. Here are the 3 possible ways this Money In The Bank rematch can end -

#3 Brock Lesnar teases a cash-in, Kevin Owens pins Kingston

Brock can once again help Kofi's enemy

This week on RAW, we saw how the Showoff Dolph Ziggler took the benefit of the Brock Lesnar-Kofi Kingston situation and attacked the WWE Champion from behind. Well, we can expect the same to transpire on SmackDown this week but this time the former Universal Champion, Kevin Owens will receive the advantage of this interference.

It is unlikely that Lesnar will cash-in his contract tonight thus, a cash-in tease would be perfect to keep things heated. Also, it is being rumored that Kofi Kingston will defend the WWE Championship in a triple threat match also involving Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules.

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Thus, it makes sense to give a victory to Kevin Owens here as it will establish him as a worthy contender for the title. If Brock Lesnar does not decide to show up on SmackDown Live, then we can back this man to interfere in the match...

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Published 28 May 2019, 19:30 IST