SmackDown's Thanksgiving Special was a blast!

WWE SmackDown Results November 27th, 2020: Latest Friday Night SmackDown Winners, Grades, Video Highlights

  • Daniel Bryan got a title shot while the Mysterio family found a new rival on SmackDown.
  • Jey Uso faced harsh judgment while a top tag team earned a title shot on SmackDown's Thanksgiving Special.
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Jey Uso kicked off SmackDown's Thanksgiving Special and after a short introduction, called out Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman to join him in the ring. They watched footage of Roman Reigns beating Drew McIntyre with the help of Jey Uso at Survivor Series before Reigns went on a rant about Uso helping him despite being told to go home.


Reigns said that Uso made him look weak and the locker room didn't fear them, which was why the SmackDown team lost at Survivor Series. Reigns and Heyman left, leaving Jey Uso in the ring who was confused and angry. Otis was making his entrance and Jey Uso was walking out when Uso gave him a stare and came back with a steel chair to wipe out Otis.

Officials and Chad Gable came out and separated Uso from Otis, but the former Mr. Money in the Bank was already too hurt to compete.

Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode were outside and called out the SmackDown tag champions, The Street Profits. The champions came out and made fun of Ziggler and Roode before agreeing to a match.


The Street Profits vs. Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode on SmackDown

Ford and Roode kicked us off and Ziggler and Dawkins tagged in early before Ford missed a huge frog splash and we headed for a commercial break. Back to the match, Roode hit a backbreaker on Ford but Tez countered the following hold.

Ziggler tagged in and went after Ford's eyes while the ref was distracted. Dawkins tagged in turned things around before hitting the anointment on Roode before Ford followed up with a splash from the top but Ziggler broke the pin.


Roode rolled up Ford while he was busy with Ziggler and picked up the big win as well as a future title shot.

Result: Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode def. The Street Profits

Match rating: B+

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Published 28 Nov 2020, 09:05 IST
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