WWE Superstar provides update after horrific injury at Worlds Collide

The Superstar was legitimately injured at the event.

Shubham Roy
Modified 26 Jan 2020, 10:51 IST

Worlds Collide 2020

WWE NXT UK Superstar Alexander Wolfe took to Twitter to provide an update on his injury. The Imperium member was involved in the main event eight-man tag team match at tonight's WWE Worlds Collide that saw his faction go up against NXT's The Undisputed Era and during a point in the match, Wolfe received a legitimate concussion when he was met with a stiff kick from Bobby Fish during a double-team move.


Referee Drake Wuertz immediately noticed that something was wrong with Wolfe as he appeared to be unconscious and immediately took swift action and removed Wolfe from the match. The match became a four-on-three Handicap match but despite the disadvantage, Imperium prevailed after NXT UK Champion WALTER pinned Fish to score the victory.

Wolfe posted on Twitter saying that he is fine and thanked the referee and WWE medical team for taking care of him. He even admitted that it was his own fault for getting himself injured.

Even though Wolfe says he is fine, it remains to be seen how soon he will be able to return to in-ring competition as WWE has strict rules regarding head injuries and Wolfe might have to go through some more tests before being medically cleared.

Published 26 Jan 2020, 10:42 IST