WWE TLC 2019: 5 Unexpected betrayals that could shake up the current landscape

Was that Liv Morgan we saw in the Firefly Fun House this week?

Riju Dasgupta
Published 14 Dec 2019, 10:46

Could Liv Morgan make a shocking comeback at WWE TLC?

WWE TLC is coming our way this weekend and it's going to be the last pay-per-view event of 2019. The lead-up to the show hasn't been the best, but WWE has certainly raised the anticipation with solid shows of RAW and also SmackDown this past week.

So, how does WWE convince the audience that they need to tune in and watch professional wrestling over the Holiday Season, you ask? One surefire way to ensure the same is to have a betrayal or two on the show, to revive fan interest again!

In this article, I shall list 5 betrayals that could potentially happen on the show that could make WWE TLC very interesting indeed, in my opinion. Be sure to chime in with your thoughts and comments in the section below, dear reader.

Even if you disagree with my assessment, be sure to let me know!

#5 Liv Morgan shows up as The Fiend, costing The Miz his big match

This week on RAW, we were told that Liv Morgan would be getting an interesting makeover. And then, on SmackDown, we saw a doll in the Firefly Fun House that looked exactly like Liv Morgan. The internet has gone crazy with speculation and I can certainly see Morgan as Bray Wyatt's aide.

While it wouldn't necessarily be a betrayal in the truest sense of the word, considering that Morgan was a babyface when we saw her last; when she said she would return after discovering who she really was, her turning on Bryan would be shocking. The only reason I can't see this happening is because she is a RAW Superstar.

But then Sami Zayn has been going from brand to brand offering his managerial services to underutilized talents, so who really knows anything?

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