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Top 10 Divas of all Time

There have been hundreds of women who have starred on WWE programming over the past 30 years. We've seen evil managers, sexy valets, brave backstage interviewers and amazing wrestlers.Here in this list we look at 10 top divas who have graced the WWE with not only their in ring skills and microphone skills but also their impact as a manager, valet or off the ring.


#10 Mickie James

Thanks to her crazy character and memorable feud with Trish Stratus in 2006, Mickie James managed to secure her place in WWE history. She was also a very respectable wrestler too—her bouts with Michelle McCool in late 2009 and early 2010 were some of the best WWE women’s bouts ever.

Throw in her good looks and bubbly charisma and it’s no surprise that Mickie—who was shockingly released in 2010 —makes this list at number 10.

#9 Stacy Keibler


Sure, Stacy Keibler was a terrible wrestler, but she helped make any act she was involved with more exciting. She never won the Women’s Championship, but she was still one of the most popular and sexiest Divas of all time.

As of now, she's perhaps the most successful female wrestler post-WWE.

#8 Sensational Sherri


Sherri Martel will be remembered as one of the greatest managers of all time for some of the biggest names in the business. Martel made quite the debut in the WWF when early on she defeated The Fabulous Moolah for the Women’s Championship. She held on to the title for 15 months until dropping it to Rockin’ Robin.

When the WWF disbanded the women's division, nearly all of the talent was let go. Martel was retained and moved into a managerial position where she continued to excel.

She managed the likes of Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels. A year before her untimely death, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It's doubtful we'll ever see another manager as crazy and entertaining as Martel was.


#7 Torrie Wilson

She was a mediocre wrestler, but Torrie Wilson was still one of the most popular and photogenic Divas in company history. She had a very mainstream media presence and was one of the most good looking divas of her time.

She was one of the most visible and heavily-pushed women in the company. The original WCW wrestler sure did find her footing in WWE.

#6 Chyna

At her peak in 1999 and 2000, she was one of the biggest stars on the roster. She won the Intercontinental belt—making her the first, and so far only, woman ever to do so—was one the more dominating stars in the division, guest-starred on several TV shows and even released her own best-selling biography If They Only Knew.

Chyna showed that she was never afraid to get involved. She was tough, easily provoked and didn't think twice about dishing out a mean low blow. Besides her successful run in DX, Chyna was involved in other memorable feuds with Chris Jericho and Jeff Jarrett.


#5 Stephanie McMahon

The princess of the WWE gets the fifth spot on this list. Stephanie has been the longest serving diva on the roster. Currently the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, the daughter of Vince McMahon, she still plays characters which take centrestage on the WWE programs.

She has been the woman's champion, a manager to stars like Triple H and Kurt Angle and has played face and heel roles with panache and perfection. Currently along with beau Triple H, she is the biggest heel under the authority storyline of WWE.

#4 Sable

Sable probably had the hottest run a Diva ever had in WWF, but it didn’t last long enough. She was as much a part of the attitude era as any other diva.

During 1998 and 1999 the raunchy Diva—and her willingness to wear increasingly revealing outfits—was a huge and integral part of the company’s appeal to young male fans. Fans were positively crazy about this woman. You could even say she served as a sort of wrestling version of ‘90s sex symbol Pamela Anderson.


#3 Sunny

Sunny was the first ever Diva inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011; there probably wouldn't be any Divas without her. Often referred to as “the first Diva,” Sunny helped to pioneer a new kind of role for women in professional wrestling. She could do it it all. She served as a manager, a valet, an occasional wrestler, an interviewer and a TV host for the WWF.

However she left the company just as the attitude era was beginning to happen.

#2 Lita

Easily one of the most popular women to grace a WWE wrestling ring, Amy "Lita" Dumas managed to combine athleticism with attitude to create her memorable tomboy character, winning the hearts of the fans in the process.

Winning the Women's Championship, appearing in TV shows, main eventing Raw...this woman did it all. She was a great valet but an even better performer.

#1 Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus through hard work and dedication to her craft became the greatest Diva the company has ever had. Stratus originally joined the company aligned with Test and Albert, and formed the relatively forgettable tag team of “T & A." Then she moved onto a feud with Stephanie for the women's title.

Her in ring work developed considerably and then she went on to become the face of the division. Her feud with Lita was the best ever in the division's history. Trish retired in 2006 and was inducted into the hall of fame last year

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