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  • "You need to calm down" – When Triple H had a blazing row with AEW star backstage in WWE
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"You need to calm down" – When Triple H had a blazing row with AEW star backstage in WWE

Triple H once became involved in a heated exchange behind the scenes after making the tough decision to end a WWE match early.

On the June 17, 2013, episode of RAW, Daniel Bryan suffered a neck and shoulder injury during a one-on-one contest with Randy Orton. He lost feeling in both arms later on in the match, prompting Dr. Michael Sampson to intervene at ringside.


Bryan wrote about his furious reaction to the match abandonment in his book, Yes! My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania:

"Usually I don't get super angry, and when I do it's barely visible. This time, I was furious and I let everyone know it. When I walked through the curtain, I yelled, 'What the f**k is that all about? That's f***ing bull***t.'"

Triple H instructed the doctor and referee to bring the match to an end. Bryan was irate with his boss and let him know exactly what he thought:

"'You need to calm down,' responded Triple H, who had been communicating with the doctor over the headset and called for the match to be stopped. 'No, you need to calm the f**k down,' I replied. We were up in each other's faces and both ready to fight."
September 15 2013 Daniel Bryan WWE champion yes yes yes

The injury occurred after Bryan was sent crashing into the barricade by Orton. The WrestleMania 30 main-eventer explained that the feeling on his left side returned during the match. However, his right side stayed numb after a top-rope dropkick, meaning he lost the ability to stand up.

Daniel Bryan accused Triple H of being a hypocrite

On May 21, 2001, The Game famously continued wrestling after suffering a tear in his left quadriceps tendon during a match on RAW.


Bryan said he expected the 14-time world champion to understand why he was so determined to fight through the pain:

"He was livid, too, and shouted back about stopping the match for my protection, but I wasn't having any of it. It felt hypocritical for Triple H – of all people – to do that, considering in 2001 Hunter himself tore his quad live on RAW and yet finished his match."

Nine months after their argument, Bryan defeated his on-screen rival at WrestleMania 30 to book his spot in the main event. Later that night, he beat Batista and Randy Orton to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

What are your favorite memories from Daniel Bryan's feud with The King of Kings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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