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NBA: 4 Things that are degrading its legacy 

  • We get into the details of certain areas which are hurting the NBA and which need improvement.
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Modified 23 Jul 2018, 16:25 IST

Bryant talks with Jordan
The NBA is going through a richly talented golden generation is a fact

The NBA is going through a richly talented golden generation is a fact. But is it in close comparison with the level of the greatness that was assembled in the 80s and the 90s, is up for eternal debate. Foreseeably, the NBA has changed massively with the advent of technology and social media.

Talent wise, the NBA has been overachieving for a while now. Players have been revolutionizing the gameplay with the three-point shot.

The points per game stat have been on such an elite level that even for someone who has scored twenty points per game is not assured of an All-Star roster spot.

Not just players, even the coaches are analyzing plays and setting up incredible defensive as well as attacking sequences with the kind of technology at their disposal.

However, there are still some factors which are affecting the overall quality of the game. Aspects which make people claim confidently that NBA of the past tougher and better. We are here today to list and talk about those aspects!

#1 Over glorifying statistics

Oklahoma City Thunder v Memphis Grizzlies
Russel Westbrook: Triple Double King or a stat padder?

The primary flaw in the NBA right now is the over usage of analytics and stats. It can't be overstated how stats and the analytics cannot always delineate the impact of a certain player on a game.

The main problem with these stats is that there is no real time stat that can decipher the defensive display any player has put on the court.

For starters, you will never know that even though a player had a bad statistical game, he guarded the superstar on the other end for the entire night and absolutely shut him down, by just a statistic.


Similarly, stats just cannot measure the value of a vocal leader who inspired a major comeback with that one block or one dunk with a magnificent emotional eruption. Draymond Green has been creating a niche and a case for players with fewer numbers and more impact who can still be considered for greatness.

Another great example is romanticizing the triple-double. It leads to players trying to stat pad, and which is a prime case of the degradation of the legacy and the fabled history of the NBA. Not to take away any importance from stats and analytics, they should not be used as the only means to judge a player.

After all how any player plays and approaches the game, both emotionally and intellectually is what makes him unique as an NBA player.

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Published 21 Jul 2018, 22:15 IST
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