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5 famous mid-pitch conversations in cricket

Mid-pitch conversations in the past have added extra flavour to a game.

Michael Atherton Jack Russell
A light hearted chat in the middle can always do wonders

As the game of Cricket has progressed over the years, the way it is played has also altered. Batsmen spend several hours batting in the middle of the 22-yards during long partnerships; people might wonder what they talk about.

It is obvious that they always remain focused on the job and converse among themselves regarding the situation of a match, but there are times they share light moments among them.

A small joke or a funny comment will definitely ease the pressure during a tense match or it may be some advice given to a junior from the pro at the non-striker’s end.

It isn’t necessary the mid-pitch conversations take place among the batsmen present; it can also feature a player from the opposition.

Let us have a look at 5 famous mid-pitch conversations in cricket:

#5 Ian Botham and Mike Gatting

Mike Gatting and Ian Botham
Mike Gatting (left) sharing a moment with Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham is arguably one of the best all-rounders to ever play the game, and batting with him was fellow Englishman Mike Gatting against India in a match, and left-arm bowler Ravi Shastri was about to bowl the last over. As mentioned by ‘Beefy’, the day was very hot and they had played out almost the whole day.

In the penultimate over, the first ball was swept towards the boundary fielder by Gatting but the striker was least interested in taking the easy single while his partner was halfway through the crease. Then Botham yelled at Gatting and asked him, “Do you want a single?”

The reply was sort of hilarious; Gatting insisted Ian Botham that he should stick to the non-striker's end as he had already done enough for the day will see the end play out till the close of play himself. He said, “Look, you've done enough today, get back up the other end and I’ll deal with this over and take us to the close.”

Ian Botham had batted the entire day in the humid conditions in Chennai, scoring an unbeaten 149-run innings. In order to give his companion some reprieve from the scorching heat, Gatting made a very friendly and nice gesture by playing out the last over himself.

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