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Satire: What if Ravi Shastri was the coach of the U-19 Indian team in the World Cup?

11.96K   //    18 Feb 2018, 23:36 IST

Disclaimer - This article is a work of fiction and a humorous take on the situation had Ravi Shastri been the coach of the India U-19 team instead of Rahul Dravid. The contents are imaginations of the writer. Any resemblance to real life incidents is purely coincidental. There is no intention to hurt the sentiments of anyone and the writer does acknowledge the pivotal role played by Ravi Shastri in taking the Indian team to the top. The whole scene has been created imagining a press conference given by Ravi Shastri and Prithvi Shaw post the U-19 World Cup victory. 

Barely few hours after the Prithvi Shaw led Indian U-19 team had won the World Cup defeating the Australians, the atmosphere was electric in the room where the Indian coach Ravi Shastri and skipper Shaw were addressing the media. Shastri began in his own customary style, “Make no mistakes friends, this whole tournament was a pressure cooker situation and the boys proved their worth today.”

England and India Nets Sessions
Ravi Shastri: (Assumed) Head coach of the India U-19 team

When asked if he had given a ‘La-Chak-De’ lecture to the boys prior to the finals, Shastri laughed and said, “Let Shahrukh do that. I just told them, flash it and flash it hard.” So, now we know the secret behind centurion Manjot Kalra’s aggressive batting in the finals. After the initial introduction, Shastri passed on the mic to Prithvi Shaw who sounded sombre as compared to him. 

Prithvi congratulated his team members and also thanked Shastri for providing the right guidance throughout the tournament. He said, “Ravi Sir had given us the secret mantra for succeeding. Today morning, when I went to his room, he told me that if you have to win today, you need to play well.” Tears came rolling from my eyes when I heard Prithvi say this, I wondered what could have happened to the Indian team without this golden piece of advice. 

Shastri presented an Oxford dictionary to a journalist

One particular journalist (I don’t think it is appropriate to name him here) had been trying since the beginning to speak something. Finally, when he could gather his thoughts he said to Prithvi that he was short of words to describe the maturity that he had shown as a leader. Before Prithvi could respond, Shastri took the mic and said, “I knew that the standard of English education has been going down in our country. Hence, I had brought this Oxford dictionary with me. And today, I would like to give it to you.”

The entire room rose to applaud this great gesture by Ravi Shastri, who also signed the copy. The journalist who got this dictionary was thrilled, to say the least. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the dictionary contains a special section which has Shastri’s famous quotes. I am sure that this journalist’s career will take an upward curve like a tracer bullet now with the help of this dictionary. 

Prithvi: “I could knock the door of Ravi Sir’s room whenever I needed an advice”

ICC U19 Cricket World Cup - India v Papua New Guinea
Prithvi Shaw was all praises for the coach Ravi Shastri

Post this presentation of the dictionary, Prithvi began his response to the question about his leadership abilities. He said, “Well, I always knew that whenever I needed an advice Ravi Sir was there. I could just knock the door of his room with a beer in my hand. And together we would complete many-a-bottles, while hearing words of wisdom from him”. In hindsight, I am glad that this event was not hosted in India where Prithvi would be below the legal age of drinking. 

Shastri was seen smiling at this response. While responding to the question if Shastri felt embarrassed at the attention that he was getting in this U-19 World Cup, he said, “Not at all. Why should I be embarrassed? I know the amount of hard work that the entire team including the support staff have put together."

“As long as Prithvi is there, you can never write off India”

In the end, the entire community of journalists asked Shastri if he had a message for this Class of 2018 which could help them take the leap from U-19 to the senior team. The flamboyant coach said, “I told the boys to celebrate in a manner so that the entire nation comes to know about the victory. Many more victories will come in their life and it is very important to celebrate in style. When someone sees them celebrating they should say, 'Ah! these must be Shastri’s boys!'

As far as his message for Prithvi was concerned he said, “As long as Prithvi is there, you can never write off India”.

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