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Call of Duty Mobile: Different mobile game modes explained

02 Oct 2019, 12:46 IST

COD Mobile released today
COD Mobile released today

Popular FPS game Call of Duty is now available on the mobile platform after its global release on 1 October, 2019. It is already one of the biggest titles in the PC/console sector and will now look to capture the mobile market with its release. 

COD is known for its immense variety of game modes and different maps which separates it from the other titles. Each of its game modes has a unique flavor and brings something different to the table. While the old players will be familiar with different game modes, new players might struggle to get a grasp of it.

Here are all the details about the different game modes in COD Mobile.

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Team Deathmatch

The main purpose of this mode is to eliminate as many players from the opposing team and the team that reaches the threshold of 40 points will win the game. Each match will last for 10 minutes, and if both teams do not cross the 40 point mark in the allotted time period, then the team with more points will win the game.


The game mode revolves around two teams with five players each battling out for victory. It plays similar to Team Deathmatch with the exception being, everyone on one team always spawns on one side of a map or the base. For every one kill made, you get one point and the team to reach 50 points first will take the game. There is no chance of spawn killing since you get an invincibility buff for a few seconds every time you spawn.


The goal of the game is that players need to capture specific flags in the map before the opposing players capture it. To capture the flag, players need to stand on the marked circle for at least 10 seconds with no enemy near it. Keep in mind that the enemy team can recapture the flag by repeating the same method. Players can earn points based on kills, assists, and the flag they capture. The first team to reach 100 points will win the game.

Search and Destroy

In S&D, one team has to defend the two bomb sites while the other team has to plant the bomb. The game can be won by eliminating the enemy team or by completing the task (defusing/detonating). The mode has 7 rounds and the team to win 4 rounds first will take the game and after the initial 3 rounds, both teams will switch their roles.

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