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Fortnite Update: Issues with turbo building nerfs continue

31 Aug 2019, 01:38 IST


Epic Games had put out a Fortnite update on August 27, 2019, by making a major change to the turbo building timers. This drastic change of increasing the time by 0.10 seconds had created so much buzz within the Fortnite-playing community that the nerf was reversed to its earlier timer setting, the very next day. 

Just when the Battle Royale title fans were about to heave a sigh of relief when the uncalled update was renounced, the turbo build still seems to be having a lot of issues. The community has been constantly reporting of issues related to the non-reversal of the nerfed timer. Many Fortnite gamers have taken it to their Twitter and Reddit to voice out about the timer not reverting back to its original 0.05 seconds. The community is clearly outraged and have begun using the hashtag #removethemech on Reddit to convey their disappointment.

Epic Games, on their official Twitter account for Fortnite and its Reddit counterpart have posted an update stating that they have noticed the inflow of reports about the delay for Turbo Building feeling "a bit different today" and that they have not released any intentional changes since the earlier adjustments were made. The update also added that Epic Games is now investigating the reports they have received and will provide status updates when they have more information.

A Fortnite player on Reddit had commented, "The more often you guys can quickly respond or at least show you acknowledge a situation, the better. Please do this more, like you promised a few months ago."

"Well I don't really care about this turbo building stuff, I am glad you are at least listening to the majority of the community, so thank you ig lol," said a user on Twitter. A Fortnite player on Reddit by the name TheDonBoston had said, "Here is what the Secret Nerf to Turbo Build looks like on 8/29/19. Daily player, noticed it instantly. EPIC, please," and posted a screen recording of his play. You can watch the video here.

As outrageous comments from the community began to pour in accusing Epic Games for intentionally retaining the nerf, they have confirmed that the issue might have resulted from a bug and was thus unintentional. It could now just be speculated that Epic will look into the issue and tweak it for the better at the earliest.

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