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Fortnite update: V10.20.2 hotfix adjustments

06 Sep 2019, 21:01 IST

Fortnite (Image source: Fortnite, Twitter)
Fortnite (Image source: Fortnite, Twitter)

Epic Games' Fortnite recently put out blogpost with nerfs on hotfix adjustments. They have apparently tweaked weapons, items and generally, the gameplay of the popular Battle Royale game. While Fortnite Season 10 has become an alias for botching gameplay, updates, skin and item additions, it is extremely uncertain as to how long the new nerfs are going to stay untouched. Fornite's official Twitter on September 06, 2019 tweeted:

The v10.20.2 Hotfix Adjustments on Fortnite's official blog post read as follows:


By The Fortnite Team

Hey folks,

In addition to the v10.20 Content Update, we've made a few more changes in-game. Find out what you can expect below. 



  • Combat Shotgun
  • Drum Shotgun
  • Proximity Launcher


  • Suppressed Assault Rifle (Epic/Legendary)

Automatic Sniper

  • The Automatic Sniper was underperforming relative to some of the other Sniper Rifles. This adjustment to damage should make it more desirable as an alternative long-range weapon.
  • Increased damage from 31/33/35 to 40/42/44



Lowered the spawn rate of the B.R.U.T.E in Storm phases 3-6 in core modes. Arena spawn rates will remain unchanged.

  • With this change, we’re hoping to reduce the impact of B.R.U.T.Es on late-game scenarios, while retaining their presence in the early game.
  • Storm phase 3
  • New spawn rates
  • 33.3% chance to spawn 0
  • 33.3% chance to spawn 1
  • 33.3% chance to spawn 2
  • Old spawn rates
  • 25% chance to spawn 0
  • 25% chance to spawn 1
  • 25% chance to spawn 2
  • 25% chance to spawn 3
  • Storm phase 4
  • New spawn rates
  • 50% chance to spawn 0
  • 50% chance to spawn 1
  • Old spawn rates
  • 33.3% chance to spawn 0
  • 33.3% chance to spawn 1
  • 33.3% chance to spawn 2
  • Storm phase 5
  • New spawn rates
  • 83.4% chance to spawn 0
  • 16.6% chance to spawn 1
  • Old spawn rates
  • 50% chance to spawn 0
  • 50% chance to spawn 1
  • Storm phase 6
  • New spawn rates
  • Will no longer spawn.
  • Old spawn rates
  • 90% chance to spawn 0
  • 10% chance to spawn 1


  • Increased the duration of spiciness from Peppers to a 60-second duration from a 20-second duration.

Retail Row

  • This POI is intended to be a high-risk, high-reward drop location, but we feel the reward has outweighed the risk. By reducing the availability of Obelisks, gathering rare loot will require a little more time investment.
  • Reduced the maximum number of Spawn Obelisks from 7 to 5.
  • Increased the time before Spawn Obelisks respawn to a max of 30 seconds (previously a max of 5 seconds).
  • The respawn timer for Spawn Obelisks is on a loop and time may vary between 1-30 seconds.
  • Decreased the chance to drop Rocket Launchers from destroyed Spawn Obelisks from 18.46% to 10%
  • Decreased the chance to drop Jump Pads from destroyed Spawn Obelisks from 50% to 40%

Fortnite's Season 10 has been a mere disappointment to most of its fans. With popular competitive Fortnite Battle Royale players and streamers publicly bashing a few nerfs, the community too has been seen criticizing the game on social platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

"COMBAT VAULTED?!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THE END IS NIGH" a Twitter user had commented. The issues raised by the Fortnite-playing community are an indication that most of them aren't convinced with the changes Epic Games is making to the gameplay and that they have to start giving importance to what their fans really want before putting out any further update.

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