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Greedfall: Everything you need to know about this ambitious new action RPG

01 Sep 2019, 16:12 IST


What this current generation of video games seriously lacks is a good quality single-player role-playing game with the likes of old school Bioware titles such as Dragon Age or Mass Effect series. That is because the AAA developers have focused their attention on making more bigger open-world games filled with activities to do which are more feasible to a wider audience.

Since true role-playing games ain't the flavour of tea for everyone, it's hard to find such games being developed by AAA studios nowadays. Thankfully smaller studios like Obisidian Entertainment or Spiders are trying to fill in the void left over by big hefty game developing studios such as Bioware or Bethesda.

Greedfall is one such game that is out early next month and has the potential to be the sleeper hit of 2019 if everything we have seen so far is any indication. So here is everything you need to know about studios Spiders' incredibly ambitious action RPG Greedfall -

#1 Story


Greedfall takes you back into the 17th century when the Colonial Era was in full swing. The world of Greedfall is covered with a never-ending Malichore plague and the cure to this contagious disease lies in the magical island of Teer Fradee, a lost paradise.

Player's character, which is a human diplomat, will travel across the stunningly beautiful Teer Fradee, fighting mythical creatures and finding the cure of the plague while also deciding which one of the multitudes of foreign factions to side with or support the locales.

Players can craft their own character, either male or female, and choose from three distinct starting classes which are-Warrior, Technical and Mage, and take up two companions along with them through their journey.

Players decisions will affect the game's story and the journey accordingly and the game has supposedly four different types of endings to offer.

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