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GTA Online Weekly Update: Vehicle and property discounts 9/10

(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 10 Sep 2020, 17:51 IST

Every Thursday, Rockstar Games drops a Weekly Update that shakes things up in GTA Online, not by a lot, but just enough to keep things interesting.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for discounts on things that players require or might find a use for later on. In GTA Online, players can engage in various property and business sims. Sometimes, prices for specific properties or their renovation might be discounted.

For this week in GTA Online, several excellent properties and vehicles are on sale. Some of these can be resold if bought. Therefore, it becomes easier to make a profit on them since players would have bought them for a discounted price.

While you can always resell cars in GTA Online, some players like to build a collection of them.

It is totally up to the player to do what they want in GTA Online: resell the vehicle, or create a gigantic car collection.

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GTA Online Weekly Discounts for 9/10

  • Landstalker XL, $915,000
  • Ardent, $690,000
  • Weaponised Tampa, $951,000/$1,264,830
  • Swinger, $454,500
  • 190z, $450,000
  • Viseris, $437,500
  • Savestra, $495,500
  • Rapid GT Classic, $442,500
  • Torero, $499,000
  • Infernus Classic, $457,500
  • Mamba, $497,500
  • Stirling GT, $487,500
  • Zentorno, $507,500
  • Z Type, $475,000
  • Bunkers, 40% Discount
  • Bunker Renovations, 40% Discount

The Ocelot Ardent


"It's a rare car that allows you to be perfectly composed, effortlessly suave and extraordinarily violent all at the same time - and yet, somehow, the Ardent does all that and more. Behind the wheel of this masterpiece there's nothing you can't do: lose your pursuers, pop the dual machine guns, gun down the survivors, drop a pithy remark, open the champagne, have a quickie, drive into the sea, realize you've made a terrible mistake, and swiftly drown."

―Warstock Cache & Carry Description.

Price: $1,150,000

Discounted Price: $690,000

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Published 10 Sep 2020, 17:51 IST
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