How to Make a Sawmill in Terraria

If you want to furnish your home in Terraria with more than just a table and chair, you best look towards the sawmill. This will unlock many furniture recipes and help you design a home that feels more homely. Sawmills themselves can make for a decent addition to designing a home, or you can extend your workstation even further. The required components are fairly cheap, I would like to show you how easy it is to make yourself a sawmill.

Required Materials

Materials you need to make a sawmill in terraria are:

  1. 10 Wood
  2. 2 Iron or Lead
  3. 1 Chain
  4. Workbench
  5. Furnace
  6. Anvil

Wood can be acquired by chopping down trees with your axe.

Your world will have either iron or lead, the recipe is interchangeable with whatever generated in your world. A furnace is required to smelt the ores into bars.

To make a chain you will need an iron or lead bar. To craft these bars into chains you will need to make an anvil. Finally, to craft all this you will need a workbench.

How to make a Sawmill in Terraria?

First dig down until you find some lead or iron. You will need quite a bit as you need to make an anvil as well.

My world generated lead, which is a blackish gray ore found relatively commonly. Iron looks a similar shade of gray, just lighter.

First dig down until you find some lead or iron

You may also find chests around the dirt layer caverns of underground. These may contain the lead or iron bars you need.

You may also find chests around the dirt layer caverns of underground

Once you have your lead or iron ore found, head back to your workbench and furnace. You can click the crafting window icon found at the left by the crafting menu to help you find what you are looking for. In this case, make five iron or lead bars to make an anvil.

Every three pieces of ore will equal one bar. Locate the anvil in your crafting menu and place it down.

Locate the anvil in your crafting menu and place it down

The anvil allows you to work with the bars you have made. Stand next to it and turn an iron bar into ten pieces of chain.

The anvil allows you to work with the bars you have made

Chop down a tree to get some wood if you need it. Take your iron, chain, and wood to a workbench to make a sawmill!

Chop down a tree to get some wood if you need it

The sawmill is primarily used for decorative pieces of furniture. It is not required to upgrade you tools or armor, but it can be used to make specialty furniture.

What does a Sawmill do in Terraria?

Sawmills are a crafting station that will unlock many furniture recipes. Simply place it down and stand near it with some wood on hand to make anything from sofas, bathtubs, pianos, and grandfather clocks. It makes a decent addition to an NPC’s room as well. I personally like placing it in the dwarf’s room to help enhance the dwarf’s industrial aesthetic.

With a sawmill placed you won’t have to settle for just a table and chair to get an NPC to move in. You can rely on more homely furniture pieces like sofas, bars, and beds. Weapons and items can be put on display with things like sword racks and item frames.

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Q. Why can’t I craft a bed at a sawmill?

If you are standing at a sawmill and are missing recipes, chances are you may be missing ingredients. A bed requires silk and wood in addition to standing at a sawmill. Talk to the guide and place some wood in his crafting menu to see exactly what you are missing for whatever you would like to craft.

Q. I have the required materials to make a Sawmill, why can’t I make one?

If you have the ten pieces of wood, the two iron or lead bars, and the chain in your inventory, but the sawmill isn’t showing up in your crafting menu, try updating your workbench. Break it with your pickaxe and place it down again.

Alternatively open your crafting window list to help yourself see where the sawmill could be at. Scrolling through all the craftables, it is easy to miss the one item you are looking to craft. Looking at the list of icons presented in a table may help you pin the sawmill down.


Congratulations! Sawmills are relatively cheap to craft. They only require pre-hardmode materials and early pre-hardmode materials at that. I would recommend building one before furnishing your house as you can easily make things look and feel more cozy than if you were to just place a table and chair in every room. The recipes you unlock can help guide your creative building process and give you ideas for what you want your house to look like.

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