How to Make Silk in Terraria

Silk is used to make lots of different items in Terraria. You can make furniture, clothing, weapons, even spawn hordes of enemies with silk. Silk is used in a lot of recipes from banners, to beds, to molotov cocktails. To make silk you will need to find cobwebs and have a loom ready to go.

Required Materials

- Seven Cobweb

- Loom

- Sawmill

Each silk will require seven pieces of cobweb. You should have no trouble collecting cobwebs even on accident during a spelunking adventure.

To make silk in the first place will require the loom crafting station. You can make a loom at a sawmill with twelve wood.

How to make Silk in Terraria

First you will need to track down some cobwebs.

Making silk in Terraria

Cobwebs will spawn anywhere underground from right below the surface all the way down to the underworld. Cobwebs will break your fall temporarily, but will break away after a second of standing inside of one. You can use any tool or weapon to harvest cobwebs. Once you have obtained a decent supply of cobwebs head back to your crafting stations.

You will need a sawmill to craft a loom. Crafting a sawmill requires ten wood, two iron/lead bars, and a chain. Stand next to your anvil to craft chains from iron/lead bars and stand next to your workbench to make the sawmill.

Making silk in Terraria

Place your sawmill and stand next to it to craft a loom. The loom will cost twelve wood.

Making silk in Terraria

Place your loom down and stand next to it to unlock the silk recipe.

Making silk in Terraria

Silk can be made with seven cobwebs each. It shouldn’t be that difficult finding cobwebs as they spawn plentifully, however, keep your cobweb supply high in case you want to furnish your builds.

That’s it! That is all you need to craft silk in Terraria.

How much silk do you need to make a bed in Terraria?

To make a bed you will need five silk. A bed is made at a sawmill, with five silk, and fifteen wood. You need to stand at a sawmill in order to craft the bed.

Making silk in Terraria

This means you will need thirty five cobwebs in order to make a bed. This is relatively cheap for such an important piece of furniture.




Congratulations! You now know how to build the base ingredient for many items in Terraria. There is a lot that you can do with silk and to see every possible item, talk to the guide and place silk in the crafting box. You may be surprised to see how many recipes you can make with silk. Do not worry about eventually running out of cobwebs in your world. Spider biomes will generate cobwebs infinitely.

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