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PTW International launches Orange Rock Esports

1.24K   //    29 Aug 2019, 21:08 IST

Photo credits: PTW
Photo credits: PTW

Video games and tech services outsourcer, Pole to Win International, Ltd. (PTW) has just announced that they are entering the competitive gaming space with the launch of Orange Rock Esports, which has already become a household name in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene.

The team consists of gamers who were earlier, the members of the Indian Tigers team which backed the sixth position at the PMCO prelims, alongside other pro players. Their current lineup boasts of Mavi, Ex1stence, Carry, and Sandhu.

Orange Rock Esports has already qualified for the ESL Mobile Open, an international PUBG Mobile tournament where they will be representing India. The tournament will be held at Milan and Orange Rock Esports will be one of the three Indian teams to participate. To qualify for the finals of the ESL Mobile Open, the team had to take down over 500 other squads in the qualifiers. Top teams such as Team Insidious and Team 8Bit played the qualifier as well.

Orange Rock Esports has also been dominating the tier one squads in small scale tournaments. In the recently held Group A qualifiers for PUBG Mobile All Stars S1 (the name of the tournament has now been changed to PAiN Elite Tournament), Orange Rock was placed first, ahead of the star-studded teams including Team X and Team IND.

In the wake of such performances, many people are rooting for the team and it will be exciting to see how they perform at the PUBG Mobile India Tour (PMIT) and the fall split of PMCO.

Deborah Kirkham, the CEO of PTW, stated that “The growth and potential of Esports is phenomenal. Orange Rock Esports represents our first foray into an incredibly exciting arena. We are thrilled to join this rapidly growing industry and ready to cheer on our talented team.”

“It’s predicted that there will be 557 million Esports enthusiasts by 2021 and PTW is eager to play a role in capturing the hearts and minds of Esports viewers,” said Kasturi Rangan, the President of PTW America and India. “At PTW, we are all gamers at heart, which makes this an extra exciting move for us. There was a recent PMCO event where the team attracted over 3.7 million viewers and was voted as the fan-favorite by over 660,000 votes. Many of us have been fans of the Indian Tigers, and now we look forward to directly supporting the success of our team, PTW’s newly-formed Orange Rock Esports” he added.

Currently, the team is at a bootcamp session in Hyderabad. The team is preparing under the guidance of Bharat “Ribbi” Kiran, a former CS: GO pro player who is now coaching Orange Rock Esports alongside acting as the team's spokesperson. Training under the same roof is a privilege that only a few PUBG Mobile squads in India get to enjoy and it certainly is a contributing factor to an amazing performance.

“Now that we have spent time coalescing as a team, we are stronger than ever and ready to dominate the PUBG Mobile arena. We are so excited to be working with PTW to build the future of Esports as Orange Rock Esports,” said Bharat Kiran Reddy.


As international organizations continue to invest in Indian esports, one could speculate that the future of this booming sport is on the country's favour.

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