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PUBG Mobile: What PUBG Corp could have done for RP Season 9

13 Sep 2019, 20:58 IST

PUBG Mobile RP Season 9 (Image credit: PUBG Mobile, Twitter)
PUBG Mobile RP Season 9 (Image credit: PUBG Mobile, Twitter)

Tencent Games' PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile had recently launched a new warrior-themed Royale Pass Season 9 with a host of new gun skins, aeroplane skins, parachute trails, emotes and outfit sets to jazz up the visual aspect of the gripping gameplay.

Players can now share a customised sharing statistic directly to the social media handles that their PUBG Mobile account is linked to and can also view ping rates in real-time during the matchmaking process amongst many other such improvements. However, here is what Tencent Games' PUBG Corporation could have addressed and changed in the Royale Pass Season 9:

Remove silver fragments and other soldiers' crate items from all the other crates

While players spend money purchasing the in-game currency, UC, it just seems very unfair to earn silver fragments and other clothing or accessories that could be purchased using BP after spending a huge sum of money. Furthermore, removing these items from paid crates including Classic Crate, Premium Crate, Victor's Crate, etc will motivate players to purchase UC thereby creating a win-win situation for them as well as PUBG Corp.

Revamped the free emotes

The free emotes available in PUBG Mobile include the clapping, kissing and waving emotes. They have been around for a long time now and they are only growing redundant every passing day. It would have been a very engaging change to see new emotes replace the old once post the Royale Pass Season 9 update.

New TDM map

Warehouse map is the only Team Death Match map that is currently available on PUBG Mobile. The map is fitting for an intense shooting spree between squads. However, the fan base for TDM matches seem to be growing rapidly and it would have been a great move from PUBG Corp's side to have introduced a new Team Death Match map.

Reconstructed voice commands and an announcer

PUBG Mobile has been having the same AI voice to give out commands such as "I got supplies", "Form up on me," since a long time ago. It might have been a sweeping change to have a new voice system or get rephrased commands to break the monotony, given the importance these commands hold in the gameplay in times where the in-game communication system fails.

PUBG Mobile has never had an announcer asserting forecasts or commands while players are still on board. It could have been a great value addition if the developers had incorporated an announcer announcing important details like the match is ought to begin, starting and ending points, player with the highest rank and whether a certain match is a day and night one or not.

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