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PUBG update: Everything you need to know about the PC Update 4.3

26 Sep 2019, 11:30 IST

DBS Shotgun (Image: PUBG)
DBS Shotgun (Image: PUBG)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' season 4 will now give players a fresh experience with a host of additions and improvements. PUBG Update 4.3 brings along a new gun, Survival Mastery progression system to improve non-lethal play skills and more. 

New Weapon: DBS Shotgun

The new DBS is a double barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun that can only be collected initially from Care Packages. It has two internal magazine tubes that enable loading up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds. DBS can produce massive bursts of damage very quickly because of their combined firing mechanics. Holographic, Red Dot Sight, and 2x to 6x Scopes could be used as upper rail attachments for the shotgun and the maximum effective range to deal damage with it is 100 m.

New Feature: Survival Mastery

Survival Mastery, a progression system with a level cap of 500, has been added as a companion system to compliment the Weapon Mastery feature. It will primarily facilitate players to hone their gunplay and exhibit their personalities. According to the official patch, the feature will aid players to develop their less-than-lethal aspects of PUBG gameplay.

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Besides, a new match summary timeline to recap performance in recent matches and a PUBG ID containing Survival Mastery Level, Player ID, Emblem, Background etc have also been introduced.

The PUBG ID of squadmates from the most recent match, the player one killed or got killed by will be accessible. A survival style drawn from players' data has also been added to the game. According to the official patch, Survival style tracks your recent playstyle by analyzing data of all the players playing PUBG and will display the three most prominent traits. It includes the following information.

  • Average engagement length
  • Average engagement distance
  • Items looted per game
  • Distance travelled per game
  • Hot drop rate
  • Damage taken per game

Improvements to the gameplay

The consistency of shotguns has been increased in terms of a better hit probability for medium range. The damage by shotguns has been dropped to 1.2 from 1.5 for headshots and 0.9 from 1.0 for torso shots. Besides, effective range changes have been brought to S686, S1897 and Sawed-off amongst a few other changes.


The most significant gameplay change, however, is that healing items can now be activated while moving. Players' movement will be reduced to walking speed while healing and this will come handy while escaping from the blue zone.

There are improvements to the capabilities of zombies to make the experience in Zombie mode interesting. Furthermore, matchmaking has been optimized to match with players speaking the same language and this might also lead to a team of only two or three players when playing Squads.

PUBG Zombie Mode (Image: PUBG)
PUBG Zombie Mode (Image: PUBG)

Read the entire patch here.

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