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Benitez’s Reception: Why Chelsea fans were wrong to boo the new man in charge

1.53K   //    26 Nov 2012, 01:42 IST

Going into the Chelsea v Manchester City game this Sunday, I expected to hear a few of the 40,000 odd Chelsea fans booing new manager Rafael Benitez. After all, the appointment was very controversial; the way in which previous manager Roberto Di Matteo was sacked, Benitez’s past comments about Chelsea, the lead up to the game.

However, I wasn’t prepared to hear the fierce chorus of boos that greeted the Spaniard. I have attended many Chelsea games over the years, and I can honestly say I haven’t heard booing anywhere near as harsh and intense towards any individual than what greeted Rafael Benitez on Sunday. I felt for him.

Personally, I didn’t boo, and the idea never came to my mind. I felt the decision to sack Di Matteo was unnecessary and harsh. However, booing the new man Rafael Benitez, what on earth is that going to achieve? To those Chelsea fans who booed, I ask you what did you think the booing would achieve? Rafael Benitez is here to stay. So get behind him.

Although I think the booing was disgraceful, I think the minute’s applause for Roberto Di Matteo was classy and respectful. But any class that that showed was totally washed away by the abuse Benitez received. Plus, a lot of these fans will claim to “love” Chelsea, so support the team not the individual manager.

I am not saying that you should cheer Benitez and forget Di Matteo but show you want him to succeed. Why shouldn’t Benitez think to himself now; what’s the point? He must feel so frustrated and saddened at the reception he received.

I think the worst part of the booing is the fact that the players were out there and they witnessed it. I don’t know about you, but if I was a player I would feel very nervous about the game ahead. There’s no way anything could have been accomplished in such a state.

To conclude, I’m shocked at the way Benitez has been treated, he didn’t deserve it. I hope that this way just a knee jerk reaction to the decision and that Benitez will start to be treated in a more necessary, relevant way.

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