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Coleen Rooney accuses Rebekah Vardy of leaking her private stories to The Sun

Taha Memon
09 Oct 2019, 17:16 IST

Coleen with her husband, Wayne Rooney and their children
Coleen with her husband, Wayne Rooney and their children

What's the story?

Coleen Rooney, the wife of former Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, has taken to Twitter to accuse fellow footballer Jamie Vardy's wife of leaking her private stories to The Sun over the past few years.

On a post that was made on Twitter, Coleen said that after doing her own investigation on Instagram, she has come to the conclusion that it was Rebekah Vardy, wife of former Premier League winner Jamie Vardy, who has been the cause of all the leaks about the former's personal life.

In case you didn't know

Coleen has been married to Wayne for over a decade, and she is currently an online influencer who is pretty active on Instagram. Being the wife of a footballer as popular as the former Red Devil and having a considerable following of her own, Coleen's life is a subject of interest to the media.

As a result, stories about the Rooneys' personal lives are often published in tabloids and otherwise. Some of these stories have annoyed Coleen in the past, and she has previously tweeted her disdain at some of them.

Rebekah is the wife of current Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, and she and Coleen are well acquainted with each other due to their husbands. By all accounts, the two of them seem to share an amicable relationship as they follow each other on their social media accounts and have been spotted chatting in public.

The heart of the matter

Over the past few years, Coleen has been distressed due to certain stories of her being leaked to tabloids. She considers this as an invasion of privacy and a stab in the back, as only certain friends of hers have access to her personal account, which meant someone was leaking her information to the press.

Today, she posted this on Twitter following investigations of her own, wherein she had singled out a suspect to confirm her suspicions -

As seen in the above statement, Coleen seems pretty certain that Rebekah Vardy is to blame for all the leaks that have come before.


However, in a statement of her own, Rebekah denied being the culprit, saying that she felt disgusted that it had even reached a point where she had to deny these claims -

What's next?

Both the parties seem certain in their stance - Coleen blaming Rebekah, while the latter denying that she would ever do such a thing. It remains to be seen how this matter pans out, and whether the two can ever reach the point of friendship again.

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