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Pro Kabaddi Rules and regulations

1. At the toss, there are two choices to choose from in front of the winning team – either the court or the raid. The team that loses the toss will pick what the winning team doesn’t out of the two. In the second half, the courts are changed and the opposite shall happen. The team that did not choose to opt for raid shall send their raider first. In the second half, the game will begin with the same number of players as it finished with.

2. If any part of the player’s body touches outside the court i.e outside any end line, the player will be deemed out

3. During struggle a player shall be declared out only if his entire body is out of the court. He can’t be deemed out if his body is in contact with the court, including the lobby area.

4. The player can also be declared out if he goes out of the end line during the course of play. Besides, if one or more defenders who have gone out of bounds hold the raider, the raider shall be declared NOT OUT.

5. A raider shall continue to chant KABADDI” as the approved cant. He can be declared out in case he is not keeping the proper approved cant. Also the opponent can get one point and the chance to raid in such a scenario.

6. A raider must start his cant before he touches the opponent’s side of the half court. If he starts the cant late, he shall be declared out by the Umpire or Referee and the opponent will be awarded one point and the chance to raid.

7. At one time only one raider can enter the opponent’s court. In case more than one raider enters the opponent’s court at a time, the Umpire or Referee shall order all to return to their courts and the opponent gets not only a technical point but also a chance to raid.

8. After a raider has reached his court, the opponents shall send their raider within 5 seconds. In case the raider fails to start his raid within 5 seconds the opponent team is awarded a technical point and the team loses its chance to raid.

9. When a struggle takes place in a raid, on completion of such raid, the above rule will not be applicable. The referee has to whistle for the next raid to start after the out players have been seated in the out box.

10. The defenders are barred from trying to stifle the Kabaddi cant of the raider by shutting his mouth or using any other sort of unfair means. The Umpire can declare the raider NOT OUT in such a scenario.

11. During the course of raid none of the defenders shall touch the raider’s court until completion of the raid. In case one or more defender touches the raiders’ court before completion of the raid they will be declared out and the opponent team will be given that many points.

12. When a team manages to put out the entire opponent team and none of the opponents are entitled to be revived, then that team scores an ALL-OUT and two extra points for ALL-OUT are awarded in addition to the points scored by the team putting out all the players of the opponent.

13. The team can get a point if the raider from the opposing side is warned or in any way instructed by one from his own side during a raid.

14. The defenders can only try to stop the raider by holding the limb or the trunk of the raider’s body. A defender who holds any part of the defender’s body apart from these parts deliberately is entitled to be declared Out by the referee. Besides, the raider shall be declared Not Out.

15. Seeing that there are one or two players of a team left during the game, the Captain has the option to declare the team in order to bring in the full team. But that would result in the opponent scoring as many points as the players that existed in the court at the time of declaration as well as Two Extra Points for ALL-OUT. Also, player or players who are out can be revived in the same order as they were out.

16. A raid is treated as an empty raid if the raider fails to score or lose any point during the raid. In the case of three back to back such empty raids, the raider who completes the third empty raid will be declared out and the opponent team shall be awarded a point along with one of their player being revived.

17. The team earns a point for every opponent out or put out. The side, which scores an ALL-OUT, shall score two extra points.  Each team shall score one point for every bonus point awarded.

18. If the raider is caught when there are only 3 defenders or less, the defending team gets an additional bonus point. The total points awarded in such an instance are 2.