5 GTA Online characters that deserve more screen time

Many GTA characters get the short end of the stick and aren
Many GTA characters get the short end of the stick and aren't around as much as players would like (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 04 May 2021

Much to everyone's surprise, GTA Online contained a whole bunch of story content that could even keep story mode purists satisfied. It was a welcome change of pace as not many online multiplayer games that were previously single-players tend to live up to that lineage.

GTA Online not only boasts of some of the most fun missions with open-ended structures but also some fantastic characters. While there are plenty of familiar faces around, such as Lamar, Trevor, and Ron, there are plenty of new ones around to keep things interesting.

But as is the case with any game, many characters get the short end of the stick and aren't around as much as players would like. Here's a look at some characters that deserve their time in the spotlight.

5 GTA Online characters that deserve more screen-time

#1 - Bogdan

In a surprising turn of events, Bogdan is ultimately revealed not to be the big bad guy in GTA Online's Doomsday Heist but rather a sympathetic anti-hero. While he is still set on America's destruction, his code simply wouldn't allow for an AI to do the job that he's dedicated his entire life to.

Bogdan then becomes an ally to the player in GTA Online, and the latter can only wish they got to see more of the charming maniac in the game.

#2 - English Dave

English Dave quite effectively sucks all the air out of the room and is a massive presence at all times in GTA Online. Yet, even though his character isn't exactly subtle or quiet in his existence, players could use some more English Dave in their time in the game.

His signature dry albeit slightly annoying, English humor mysteriously never gets on the player's nerves, which is a quality many other characters can learn. English Dave is simply one of the lighter characters around in-game, and players enjoy his occasional phone calls a lot.

#3 - Tony Prince

Tony Prince, much like his predecessor on this list, is a loud explosion of a human being and never can quite shut up, which only adds to his charm. Seeing the king of nightclubs make his way to Los Santos was an absolute gas for fans of GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

He is a charming personality with a ton of issues that he needs to solve, yet, it somehow doesn't get in the way of his charm. Tony Prince is arguably not as significant a presence as he should be and ideally should have contact missions of his own outside the Nightclub promotion missions.

#4 - Georgina Cheng

Georgina Cheng appeared very briefly in GTA Online during the Diamond Casino Heist and ultimately ended up having a romantic relationship with Lester. While as shocking as the last bit was, she was one of the more interesting characters in the game that did not stay for longer.

Her aloof quality makes her a pretty friendly presence to have around, yet she is as capable as they get, as she is the one who orchestrated the fall of the Duggans. Georgina Cheng needs to be around more and perhaps should even have her own set of contact missions.

#5 - Avery Duggan

When pictures of Avery Duggan were first released by Rockstar Games, many believed him to be Avery Carrington from GTA Vice City. However, despite sharing many similarities that include even professions, they are not the same character.

Yet, there is no mistaking that Avery Duggan is as dangerous as they come and is an absolute fireball of a human being. The man takes no prisoners and is the epitome of what capitalism can produce if allowed to run wild.

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Published 04 May 2021
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