When is snow coming to GTA Online? (December 2022)

The snow season is expected to arrive around next week in GTA Online (Image via TW/@Fluuffball)
The snow season is expected to arrive around next week in GTA Online (Image via TW/@Fluuffball)

The recently released Los Santos Drug Wars update changed a lot of things in GTA Online. On December 13, 2022, Rockstar Games released a newswire detailing many changes for the winter update. However, the majority of the surprises were saved for a later date.

Snow is one of the most significant quality-of-life changes that Grand Theft Auto fans are looking forward to. However, it was not included in the update, so fans will have to wait a few more days for snow. Nonetheless, data miners have discovered several holiday season souvenirs.

While Rockstar Games is yet to confirm the leaked details, the informers are some of the most reliable sources in the community. So, most players believe them to be true. This article explains when one can expect snow season in GTA Online.

The Los Santos Drug Wars update added several snow-themed elements to GTA Online

On December 14, 2022, popular modder and Rockstar Games data miner WildBrick142 shared several tweets revealing the snow-themed gameplay changes in GTA Online.

In their first tweet about snow and the festive season, WildBrick142 revealed several unreleased Christmas souvenirs in GTA Online. The user shared three photos that contained leaked content. One of the images displayed a greeting message from Rockstar Games, which read:

“Happy Holidays from Rockstar! You have been awarded: Candy Cane, Green Reindeer Beer Hat, Firework Launcher, 20x Firework Rockets, Full Snacks, Full Armor, 25x Sticky Bombs, 25x Grenades, 5x Proximity Mines, 10x Molotovs.”

This appears to be a login unlock, and GTA Online players can look forward to the aforementioned souvenirs on release day. The leaks also showed two Christmas-themed hats and a new melee weapon called Candy Cane.

However, these gifts may only be available for a limited time in the game. Based on WildBrick142's second tweet about the occasion, Rockstar will release a free-roam event, which rewards players with an outfit on completion. It is the only permanent collectible in the season.

GTA Online players must destroy 25 snowman statues scattered across the map. Each of them awards $5000, and destroying all of them credits an additional $125,000 to the Maze Bank account. It will also unlock the "Snowman" outfit, which can be obtained from the wardrobe.

Another Twitter user, florbal, shared a video revealing the “Gooch” free-roam event during the festive season.

Similar to the Clone Slasher event during this year's Halloween update, the Gooch will appear randomly near the player. Instead of attempting to kill them, it will simply knock them down to make his presence known.

Players can choose to chase the Gooch and kill him for some reward. The video shows that the user received $35,000 and some snacks. Two things to keep in mind are that the Gooch will be fast and have a lot of health. It takes a player two shots from the new Railgun to kill it.

When will the snow season and other events be available in GTA Online?

Although no information has been released, it is anticipated that the snow season will start with the weekly update on December 22, 2022. The specified week will run from December 22-29, including December 25. Hence, it is safe to assume that Rockstar will include the snow season in that update.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

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