Ajman Alubond 72/8 (10 ov)
Abu Dhabi 69/5 (10 ov)
Ajman Alubond won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Abdul Shakoor
So that was that from our side. Until next time, this is Piyush Zaware and my partner Ankit signing off. Stay safe, stay indoors, keep washing your hands and do not let that mask down, GOODNIGHT!
Well Well Well! Let's all have breath in here what a game that was almost went Abu Dhabi's way given Asif's miserable last over with nerves taking over him in the first half of the last over but then Asif was back to what he is known for banging in those spot on deliveries and ensuring that Waqas falls short of the designated target! So the chase never really took off for the men in Yellow with way too cautious approach from their openers resulting in a suicidal strategic failure. The Ajmanians exploited the favourable bowling conditions to the fullest managing to keep the chasing team under check for the longest time of the game except for the late assault from Waqas and Kamran. Bahzad was the pick of the bowlers picking up two crucial wickets at an economy rate of 5 runs per over, he was duly supported by Danish and Hamza the later finishing with a Malingaesque 2-0-1-4. Any cricket pundit would have said that Abu Dhabi needed a miracle innings from someone after the awful batting display. And boy, Waqas Gohar was the answer to Abu Dhabi's prayers as he turned up and smoked everything out of the park only to fall short of the target later! A low scoring game ending in the favour of the team which showed guts took risks with the willow on a bowler's paradise quite justify that Slow and Steady need not win the race everytime!
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 4 4 W W 1 Bowler: Asif Khan Score: 68/5
9.6 Asif Khan to Waqas Gohar, full again, but a bit slower, that is punched to long on for a consolidatory run to finish the innings. Abu Dhabi fall just short of their target. Waqas needed to put this ball to the boundary or over it, but has failed to do so. Ajman win the game by just 3 runs. 
9.5 Asif Khan to Waqas Gohar, OUT! RUNOUT! Another soft dismissal for Abu Dhabi. Slower ball that is fended back to the bowler, but the non striker was already some distance down the track looking for a run, but Asif does well to hit the stumps to get another wicket. 
9.4 Asif Khan to Waqas Gohar, OUT! RUNOUT! Another full toss delivery that is hurried towards long on for a couple, but Kamran is way too short of his crease and Abu Dhabi pick up just a single. 
Shakespearean tragedy or typical Bollywood finish? It's all possible here!
9.3 Asif Khan to Waqas Gohar, FOUR! Third boundary on the trot for Waqas. Comes down the track, gets a full toss on the waist, pulls it past fine leg who is inside the circle, has enough on it, to reach the fence. 
9.2 Asif Khan to Waqas Gohar, FOUR! Back to back boundaries for Waqas. Overpitched delivery again from the bowler, right under the bat for Waqas who has just picked up a maximum, and now thrashes this past the bowler for a boundary. 
14 off 5
It's all about nerves now!
9.1 Asif Khan to Waqas Gohar, SIX! What a time to bring up the first six of the innings. Poor start from Asif Khan honestly. Too full and too easy for the batsman to dismantle this ball over deep mid wicket who can only admire the ball going over him. 
So a rather eventful penultimate over coming to an end in a way the bowling side would have wanted for. Kamran managing to get much needed boundaries but then it was Sheraz who had the last laugh with a great comeback in the later half. FINAL OVER COMING UP!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 4 4 1 0 1 Bowler: Sheraz Piya Score: 53/3
8.6 Sheraz Ahmad to Waqas Gohar, fuller delivery this time, coming into the pads of the right hander who fends it away to mid on for a run. 
8.5 Sheraz Ahmad to Waqas Gohar, shorter delivery this time, set up to be thrashed out of the ground, but Waqas fails to connect it and groans in anger. 
8.4 Sheraz Ahmad to Kamran Atta, a low full toss, nudged away to cover for a quick run. Unlucky not to pick more runs here. 
8.3 Sheraz Ahmad to Kamran Atta, FOUR! Much better from Kamran this time. Overpitched delivery with a lot of width on offer that is punished. Kamran Atta makes room for himself, and smashes the ball past point as it rushes to the fence. 
Can Kamran take the Abu Dhabians over the line?
It's all happening here!
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