Abu Dhabi 99/7 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 84/6 (10 ov)
Abu Dhabi won by 15 runs.
Player of the match: Mohammad Irfan Ayub
Dubai are close, but not close enough. Irfan's spell proved to be a game-changer in the end as the tall fast bowler picked up three wickets and conceded just 6 runs in his two overs. When the Dubai spinners were all over Abu Dhabi batters, nobody would've given them the chance as they lost wickets almost on every over. But Osama Hasan Shah's fantastic cameo helped them to set up a competitive total and they didn't slip up the momentum from there onwards. Dubai batters came up with a safe approach, and too many dot balls in the middle overs didn't help their cause. Ali was sent ahead to take on the spinners but he couldn't convert the start into a big score. With 39 needed from the final three, Dubai still had a slim hope. but Irfan showcased his exceptional death-bowling skills as Abu Dhabi overpowered Dubai in the end by a 16-run margin. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and until next time, this is Pragadeesh waving goodbye on behalf of my fellow commentator Abhinav Singh. See you
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 2 1 1 W 1lb Bowler: Mohammad Irfan Ayub Score: 84/6
9.6 Mohammad Irfan Ayub to Muhammad Farooq, yorker-length ball drifting down the leg. Farooq tries to whip the ball off his pads to square leg but ends up missing the line as the ball thuds into his pads and rolls to short square for a single of leg bye 
9.5 Mohammad Irfan Ayub to Kai Smith, CHOPPED ON! Fuller length ball bowled outside off. Kai moves toward the line of the ball but tries to force the issue to onside. Ends up getting a thick inside edge a the ball clatters into his offstump 
9.4 Mohammad Irfan Ayub to Ronak Panoli, overpitched ball delivered on middle and legstump. Ronak shuffles across the stumps and clubs the ball down to long on for a single
17 needed from 3 balls. Three big hits can do for Dubai
9.3 Mohammad Irfan Ayub to Kai Smith, yorker length ball on the offstump. Kai manages to drill the ball down to wide long off for a single
9.2 Mohammad Irfan Ayub to Kai Smith, overpitched ball bowled on the fifth stump line. Smith leans in the drive and powers the ball to sweeper cover region for a couple. Singles and doubles might not do for Dubai!
9.1 Mohammad Irfan Ayub to Kai Smith, fuller length ball bowled wide outside off. Kai shuffles towards the ball but fails to guide the ball between third man and backward point for a boundary 
Irfan to bowl final over

21 needed from six balls. Panoli and Smith are on the charge, smashing 17 runs off the over
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 4 1 6 1 1 Bowler: Waqas Gohar Score: 79/5
8.6 Waqas Gohar to Kai Smith, overpitched ball bowled wide outside off. Kai moves away from the stumps and craves the ball to cover point for a solitary run only 
8.5 Waqas Gohar to Ronak Panoli, fuller length ball bowled just inside the tramlines. Ronak manages to toe end this ball to extra cover for a quick single
8.4 Waqas Gohar to Ronak Panoli, SIX! SLAMBANG! Overpitched ball delivered in the slot. Ronak clears the front leg, opens up his hips and spanks the ball straight down the ground over long off for a MAXIMUM
4416 - It's not over yet.
8.3 Waqas Gohar to Kai Smith, yorker length ball on the legstump. Kai digs it out away to deep midwicket for a single
8.2 Waqas Gohar to Kai Smith, OH! SCOOP! FOUR! Yorker length delivery in the blockhole. Kai shuffles across the stumps and scoops the ball over the keeper's head to third man fence for a boundary 
8.1 Waqas Gohar to Kai Smith, FOUR! SLASHED! Back of length delivery bowled wide outside off. Smith rises with te height of the ball and slashes it in front of square to covers for a boundary 
Waqas Gohar to bowl his final over

A stunning catch from Kamran followed by a peach of a delivery from Mohammed Irfan, who completely changed this game in his side's favour. Just one run conceded and two big wickets from Irfan
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 W 0 0 W 0 Bowler: Mohammad Irfan Ayub Score: 63/5
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