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Ireland 259/9 (50 ov)
Afghanistan 260/3 (45.2 ov)
Afghanistan won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Rahmat Shah
This has been a brilliant run-chase from Afghanistan and they have looked so comfortable. Rahmat Shah remaining unbeaten on 103! He has been the backbone of this chase, coming in when they were in trouble having lost two quick wickets at the top. Himself along with Hashmatullah constructing a match-winning partnership there for Afghanistan! Hashmatullah trying to finish quick did miss out on a hundred but he was equally good in that partnership. The two never really looked in any sort of pressure and went about their business nicely. They set the chase and the pace of the innings very well and complimented each other throughout. They ensured to keep rotating the strike and finding the boundaries as well. Exquisite timing and placement shown from both of them. 

Asghar Afghan coming in and flexing his muscles in the end as he looked to get done with the chase soon and in grand fashion. In the end a convincing and comfortable victory that will surely boost their confidence. They have the series in their kitty now with another ODI to go. They came back really well in those last ten overs to lead an Irish collapse and restrict them, which quite clearly, proved to be the difference in the end. They'll be a happy camp after this win with the way they performed! 

Ireland started well as they got two quick wickets at the top after the openers had started off really well. However, Rahmat and Hashmatullah continued to keep up the scoring and then got themselves in nicely for that long partnership that killed the game for Ireland. Their bowling lacked the spark and they had no real spinner who could get turn, no pacer who could create pressure and they looked let down as well when nothing was working for them in the middle. They will be disappointed first with that collapse when they were batting and then with their bowling that failed to deliver when they needed it the most. Pretty easy right through for Afghanistan in the chase and they got there with quite ease as well.

Thinking to do for Ireland as they head into that final ODI, a dead rubber of course as far as the series is concerned but they still have ten crucial points up for grabs and they will be looking to walk away with those. Some time for them to put this behind and regroup, and make a comeback to get that win. They did have some positives with the way Paul Stirling batted once again getting a brilliant hundred and setting them up nicely. Some looking to do with that collapse as they could finished a lot better than they did. 

Lots of good performances for Afghanistan! Mujeeb with three wickets, Naveen with four who was the pick of the bowlers. The openers started quite well and then Rahmat and Hasmatullah with that match-winning partnership. Not to forget how they came back in those last ten overs while they were bowling to restrict Ireland that made a lot of difference in the end!

That has been myself (Rishab) and Bala bringing you this chase. We shall take your leave for the moment. Have a great night! 
And Afghanistan have chased this down with ease! Rahmat Shah staying unbeaten as the captain delivered some lusty blows towards the end as well! Two in a row for them and they will seal the series in style! 2-0 up and more importantly ten more crucial points added for that World Cup qualification! A comprehensive win for them with seven wickets and just above four overs to spare! 
45.2 Simi Singh to Asghar Afghan, flatter delivery on a good length angling into the batsman, he goes back and pushes it to deep mid-wicket. And that's it, Afghanistan win the game!
45.1 Simi Singh to Asghar Afghan, flatter and quicker from the spinner, Afghan goes on the back foot and defends it back to the bowler
Over: 45 | Summary: 6 6 4 1 0 0 Bowler: Barry McCarthy Score: 257/3
Right so the captain looks in a hurry to get done with this now! Taking the short bowling on and that is some authoritative batting! He's charged up and this is terrific batting! Boy this is some entertainment at the end now and what a finish for Afghanistan! In style and that just adds to the misery for Ireland. Two fine deliveries though and Afghanistan will have to wait just a bit more! 1 more needed now. 
44.6 Barry McCarthy to Rahmat Shah, right in the blockhole, Shah digs it out straight back to the bowler
44.5 Barry McCarthy to Rahmat Shah, low full toss on the stumps, drives it straight past the bowler but the fielder at mid-on stops it
44.4 Barry McCarthy to Asghar Afghan, finally bowls one fuller almost finding the blockhole, digs it out on the off-side
44.3 Barry McCarthy to Asghar Afghan, FOUR! McCarthy is being taken to the cleaners. He persists with the short stuff, Afghan doesn't clear the fence this time, but he won't mind
44.2 Barry McCarthy to Asghar Afghan, SIX MORE! Oh, man! McCarthy goes short again and Afghan pulls this one much squarer. But the result is the same. He wants to finish this game quickly
44.1 Barry McCarthy to Asghar Afghan, SIX! He has pulled this one with some power. McCarthy digs it in short once again, Afghan is expecting it and is in position quickly, creams it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum
Two catches being put down in two deliveries might just be an indicator of dropping shoulders from Ireland here. A tight over from Simi Singh though. Just a single of it and that is tidy. Afghanistan need 18 off 36 now. 

McCarthy to continue
43.6 Simi Singh to Rahmat Shah, fuller ball on the stumps, pushes it straight to mid-wicket. Dot ball to end the over
43.5 Simi Singh to Rahmat Shah, fuller delivery marginally outside the off-stump, sweeps it fine but straight to the man at short fineleg
43.4 Simi Singh to Asghar Afghan, fuller ball on middle and leg, eases it down the ground to long-on for a single
43.3 Simi Singh to Asghar Afghan, flights it up on a good length, Afghan gets a good stride in to defend it
43.2 Simi Singh to Asghar Afghan, goes for the sweep this time but fails to make any contact. Muffled appeal from the bowler but of no consequence
43.1 Simi Singh to Asghar Afghan, good length ball spinning into the batsman, he tucks it away straight to square leg
Rahmat Shah has his fifth ODI hundred, his second against Ireland and this has been an inning of great composure in a run-chase! He's steered it very well and he will be looking to stay there right till the end. Came in when Afghanistan were under pressure early on but he has batted beautifully well! The first lose shot from him but luck his way, he'll survive. Asghar Afghan looking to go big and it's another one put down! Oh dear! Could there have been a twist had those been held on to? 

Simi Singh to continue
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